My Work…Now on Etsy!

Link to my Etsy shop: LittleMissRedhead

I take pride in the fact that most of my work is one-of-a-kind.  I’m able to replicate some items, depending on material availability, though.  The stones used for the pendants and necklaces are found pieces that catch my eye and the buttons are from a family collection.  I’m working on a new pieces daily, so check often for updates!

NOTE: During the Farmers’ Market season (Summer/early Fall) I will not be posting many items on Etsy, due to availability.


Pendant Necklaces

Bunched Necklaces

Sea Glass Pendants

Wine Glass Charms:




Sold & gifted pieces spotted on friends/family/clients:

If you have any pieces I’ve done, email a photo for me to post (please)!


One response to “My Work…Now on Etsy!

  1. Beverly

    Molly- Nice work! Love your necklaces and might have to make Kurt the laptop cupcakes for Valentine’s day!

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