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New and improved logo….again….

You may or may not have noticed, but I have a new logo (again).  After some feedback & careful consideration, I realized that the one I designed a few months ago just wasn’t “me”… I think this new one suits me (and my personality) much more!  I hope you like it!


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Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog!  So why am I blogging you ask?  Well, I feel like Facebook is a great way to keep in touch/be nosy, but has become less personal and not really a place to share certain finds/ideas/suggestions.  Instead of sending out mass emails or posting things that not everyone would necessarily care about, I’ve decided to give blogging a try.  We’ll see how it goes!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions, requests, comments, etc!

Do you like the background?  I’ve played around with a number of the various & assorted background options, trying to choose the best & most “readable” background, so let me know if you agree!  I’ll probably change it around a little per season, though.  Any suggestions for various categories?  I’ll try to mainly post about things that I actually know about & find interesting…

Note: I won’t be posting anything super personal or diary-like here.  I’m going to stick to mainly suggestions, fun finds, pretty things, recipes, etc (see ‘categories’ on the right of the blog screen).  So if you want to chat or have any questions for me, please send me an email or call me!

Thanks for reading & please visit often- I’ll try to post daily/weekly!

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