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Fun with Frosting Friday… Twilight Themed Cake

I wouldn’t call myself a “Twi-Hard” by any means… I’ve seen all the Twilight movies, but that was because of a friend of mine, who I would probably classify as a Twi-Hard.  For a going-away party for this friend, I decided to make a Twilight themed cake for her. I did some surfing & came across this Twilight cake, which I did my best to imitate.  I only vaguely remembered this saying in the movie, but she seemed to like it!  Here’s how it turned out:


Apple Cake:
Red frosting dye
Green frosting dye
3/4 tub White frosting (you may need 1 tub, depending on how much frosting you like on the cake…)
1 box cake mix

Lion & Lamb:
1/4-1/2 tub white frosting
2 green Mini M&M’s
2 red Mini M&M’s
2 blue Mini M&M’s
Tube black decorator’s gel
1/4 cup coconut
3-4 candy hearts
Yellow frosting dye
White frosting

Misc tools: 
Frosting tips (Wiltons #3 & #352)
Frosting bag (reusable)
9×13 cake pan
Mixing bowls

Here’s how I made it:

Baked a chocolate cake in a large pan

Allowed to cool for 20-30 minutes

Cut out the cake in an apple shape (see above)

With some of the scraps, I cut out two small circles, about the size of a regular cupcake.
Another option would have been to pour a little batter into 2 cupcake tins when baking the cake.

My scraps

I then added some red dye to white frosting & frosted the cake.  I unfortunately did not have enough red dye, so my frosting ended up looking a little pink…again…I really need to work on getting some good red frosting dye!!

After I finished frosting the cake, I took a damp paper towel and wiped down the sides of the plate.

For the apple’s leaves, I added some green dye to about 1/3 a cup of white frosting & put it into a frosting bag w/a 352 Wilton tip.

While I was mixing, I also mixed 1/4 a cup of white frosting with yellow dye for one of the cupcakes.

Since it was my first time making leaves with this tip, I did a couple practice leaves on a piece of paper, then on the apple.

With the remainder of my white frosting, I used a #3 Wilton tip to do the writing “So the lion fell in love with the lamb” on the cake & added some red candy hearts for added decoration.

I then frosted the 2 cupcakes – one white and the other yellow.

For the lion’s mane, I added some yellow dye to a small handful of coconut.

To decorate the lion: I sprinkled the coconut around the edge, added 2 green mini M&M’s for his eyes, 2 red mini M&M’s for the nose, an upside down candy heart for the mouth & black decorator’s gel for the whiskers.

For the lamb: I sprinkled coconut over the top, then added two pink candy hearts for the ears, 2 blue mini M&M’s for the eyes, a pink candy for the nose & black decorator’s gel for the mouth.

The finished cake…sorry for the poor photo quality!

I think my lamb & lion came out amazing…I just wish I could say the same for the apple cake…Oh well, better luck next time!


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Fun with Fashion Friday…Halloween Costume Ideas

I have always been a little annoyed with females who use Halloween as an excuse to dress inappropriately.  I’m down for being a little risque, but there is a line.  Last year I was in downtown Burlington, VT on Halloween weekend and I really wanted to shout out “Put some clothes on!” to some of the girls walking down the street in their itty-bitty “costumes” they were hardly wearing!  There is also a time & a place…If you go out in public (versus a friend’s house party), it is also important to think about what you are wearing.  For example, if you ran into one of your coworkers in the costume, will you be able to look him or her in the eye on Monday at the office?  Just something to think about.

Here are some tasteful & creative Halloween female costume ideas…

Emily from Corpse Bride

The house in the movie UP (unisex)

DIY Owl (adult or child)

Wicked Queen


Sun-Maid Raisins Woman

Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

Couples Halloween costume ideas…

Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Dorothy & Tin Man/Lion/Scarecrow/Wizard

Safari Man/Woman & Exotic Animal

Old man & Old woman (or two old women)

Mr & Ms Potato Head

Thunder & Lightening

Shrek & Fiona

Flapper & Gangster

50’s sweetheart poodle skirt & ThunderBird Jacket

Mermaid & Pirate

The Flintstones

Mario Bros

Wall-E & Eve

Group Halloween Costume Ideas…


Captain Planet & the Planeteers


Fruit of the Loom

Wizard of Oz group

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Jem (80’s band cartoon)


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Fun with Fall Fashion Friday

I haven’t been baking a lot lately (other than an apple crisp a couple weeks ago), so I thought I’d post about another love of mine: fashion!

I’m not going to lie, I stand in front of my closet for entirely too long every morning, scanning through the items, trying to figure out what the heck to wear.  I even check the weather on my phone in bed before I get up, so I can start planning a possible outfit in my head while I’m in the shower.  I still often end up staring into my closet, anyway, imagining various outfit possibilities.  I can’t tell you how envious I was of Cher’s closet in the movie Clueless.  I would kill to have that computer program that would show various outfits ON me…would definitely save some time & frustration!  

My style isn’t crazy or out there, but I’m no wallflower.  I tend to buy pieces that I think are somewhat simple & timeless, but can be jazzed up with modern fashion items.  I’m also not one to buy all high end clothes, yet I do occasionally splurge on a trendy item – but only one that I will be able to mix and match with various outfits (i.e. gorgeous boots).  The real key is to get the look by mixing inexpensive items with a couple more expensive (splurges) to trick people into thinking you spent more than you did on your outfit!  Sorry fashion designers, but there is honestly no reason why someone should spend $30 on a tank top in boutique, when you can buy almost the exact same thing for half the price at a department store.  Save your $ for a nice scarf you can wear with multiple outfits, instead!  Here are some fall fashion looks I’m loving this year…

Blazer and bootcut jeans…a look you can easily transform from work to play:


 Long sweaters/layering (careful not to layer too much or wear unfitted pants, which could make you look frumpy):


Maroon & purple seem to be very “in” colors this fall!  Good to get away from the typical brown, green, red & oranges of fall!

Kohl's (ELLE collection)

Cable-knit sweater & herringbone skirt=timeless & classy:

Banana Republic

 Boots…It’s amazing what a nice pair of boots can do for an outfit!

Banana Republic

Frye boots at Nordstrom

Belted jersey dresses: comfortable & stylish!


Long-sleeved t-shirt dress: dress it up, dress it down!


More Fashion Ideas on my Casual Fall Fashion Pinterest Board:

No No’s:



Capes & ponchos…Just please say no…I really don’t like that these keep coming back.  I don’t care how comfortable they are or that they may hide your tummy.  Capes and ponchos make just about anyone look like they are wearing a tent or a potato sack, no matter what size you are.  Yuck.

Faux fur…Maybe it’s in because some people are so frustrated with our economic state that they want to go back to the cave man days?  Maybe it’s in because real fur is so frowned upon (rightfully so)?  Or maybe it’s in because people miss their pets when they are away from them & want to feel like they are with them?  Whatever the reason, I think it’s gross.  The only place I think faux fur is okay is around the hood of a coat or boots to keep you WARM & the snow out.  That’s it.  In my opinion, faux fur should not be used for fashion.  Period.

Update: Looks like Emily Abbate, a writer for Cafe Mom’s The Stir, agrees with me about Fur Fashion Fail!



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