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Pinterest & website issues

Hello Readers,

My website ( appears to be having some issues right now…I’m so sorry.

In the meantime, please check out my Pinterest page & “follow” me.  I pin almost daily!

Thank you,

Little Miss Redhead


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Spread the love…Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, it is that time of year again… The love birds have started chirping to remind us to tell those we love just how much we love them.  If you are still stumped on what to get your Valentine, here are some ideas:

Art, crafts & jewelry from Etsy:

Night Lessons, a sculptural painting by The Dancing Brush

The Happy Elephant, print by RococcoLA $19

Elephants Fly with Love print by VintageDictionaryArt $10

Copper Heart Necklace by Patinaware $85

Multi-length beaded earrings by LittleMissRedhead $12

Sun Stone Fiber Earrings by BodaBoda $20

DIY Valentine ideas:

Make your own truffles!  Idea from: Good Housekeeping

Dinner…check out some of my recipes!

Places you “heart” map art… Idea from Curbly

More DIY and gift ideas to purchase on my Pinterest Board:

Other Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Get Lucky Dice from Red Envelope $39.95

Love Bandit Teddy Bear by Vermont Teddy Bear $69.99

May be cliche, but chocolates are usually a hit…especially Lake Champlain Chocolates!

If you’re searching for a gift for your man…Don’t ask me why, but chances are that your guy would like a remote control helicopter.  Seems as though this toy has made a comeback with guys in their late-20’s/early 30’s (at least the ones that I know).  If you want to see him leap with joy & let him feel like a kid again, go get him a remote control helicopter.  I won’t take the blame for how much it might annoy you to have him flying it around your house/apartment, though…Hopefully the big smile on his face makes up for it (a little bit).

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Fun Finds… Other uses for household items

I’m always curious to learn about the many powers that something, especially regular household items, have the ability to do.  When you don’t have time (or $) to run to the store to get fancy products, try one of these out & you might just be surprised!  Some of these tips I’ve learned from various websites & others I’ve heard from friends/family.


Windshield de-icer: For those of you (like me) who have to deal with scraping ice off your car in the morning, this is a great tip I’m very excited to try!  Put 3 parts vinegar & 1 part water in a spray bottle & spray your car windshield the night before a snow storm.  (Tip from HuffingtonPost)

Sunburns: Dab some vinegar on the burned areas & it will apparently help prevent peeling..interesting! (Tip from HuffingtonPost)

Shower curtain mildew: This is great to know, as sometimes washing it in the washing machine doesn’t always get it off! (Tip from HuffingtonPost)

Salt stains off boots: For someone like me, who lives in Vermont, this is a GREAT tip! Mix a little water + vinegar. (Tip from HuffingtonPost)

Gets rid of weeds in patio & driveway cracks: Wonderful tip & safe alternative to pesticides! (Tip from HuffingtonPost)

Removes wallpaper: I have to say, I used this tip when I was removing wallpaper from an old farmhouse wall & it does work.  Mix 1/3 vinegar & 2/3 water in a spray bottle, spray on wallpaper – FULLY moisten, let sit for a few minutes (to allow time to soak in), then slowly peel the wallpaper off.

Learn more about the powers of vinegar here:


Clean silver: Helps to remove tarnish from silver.  I use this tip often if I’m traveling & my jewelry could use a little sprucing up!  The toothpaste needs to contain baking soda for this tip to work.

Pimples: I’m not a dermatologist, but this did help me with my achne as a teenager.  At night, after I washed my face, I would dab a little toothpaste on pimples that I saw creeping up.  The toothpaste helps dry out the forming pimple.

Removes scuff marks: Have pesky scuff marks on your floor from sneakers?  Apply some toothpaste to the area, rib with a soft cloth, then wipe away with a damp cloth! (Tip from Everyday-Wisdom)


Rid bugs from your garden: If you aren’t a fan of pesticides, this is a tip for you!  Mix together: 2 tbsp cayenne pepper, 2 large cloves garlic, 2 medium onions & 4 cups water in a food processor until sooth.  Add mixture to a gallon of water & spray your plants.  I’m very curious to try this tip from ezinearticles!

Prevents dogs from nabbing things from off the counter: Have a problem with Fido jumping up & checking out what’s on the counters?  Sprinkle some chili pepper on the edges of the counters, so when your dog sniffs he will get a surprise & learn his lesson pretty quickly!

Prevent dog from chewing house plant: Sprinkle a little chili pepper or chili powder on the leaves & will help to keep the dog away. (Tip from eHow)

Some medical uses for black & white pepper: WedMD


Shave your legs: All out of shaving cream?  Try using olive oil for smooth legs & less chance for razor burn.  (Tip from WomensDay)

Wood furniture polish: Mix 1 tsp olive oil + 1/4 cup vinegar.  I’ve heard this mixture works better than others.  (Tip from Care2)

Removing chewing gum: I’ve heard peanut butter works well, too, but the oil in the peanut butter is really what removes the gum.  Wash thoroughly after application.  (Tip from HouseholdRemedies)

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What kind of Foodie are you?

I was scrolling through articles this morning & came across one by Anna Brones that cracked me up: “The 10 Types of Foodies.”  I thought to myself, “There’s more than one kind?!”   Oh yes, yes there are:

Made It Myself
I’m probably this one…

The Organivore

The Europhile
Yea, yea we got it – the crepes in Paris are much better than the ones here… 

The One Upper

The Snob
We all know that nothing is good enough for these folks! 

The Anti-Snob
You just gotta love these Foodies…Or should I say the Anti-Foodies, ha

The Avoider
I unfortunately know WAY too many of these.  They’re annoying to have over for dinner because you’re constantly having to ask what they aren’t eating now

The Blogging Food Pornographer
We love them & yet we hate them…always posting mouth-watering photos of their meals 

The Bacon Lover

The DIYer
While homemade beer is often delicious, I often wonder if making it yourself is always better/cheaper?! 


Hmmm…Which one are YOU?

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Christmas Present Ideas

I’m checking my list, checking it twice.  I still am struggling what to do for some of my family members & also what the heck to get for my boyfriend… 

Here are some ideas I’ve come across that could be a possibility for some people you may still be struggling with what to buy for on your list…


Fair Trade:

$39 Colorful basket made in Uganda
To purchase: Ten Thousand Villages 

$24 Bike Chain Clock made in India
To purchase: Ten Thousand Villages 

$10 Sun & Star Ornaments
To purchase: SERRV 

Funny gifts:

$5.99 Lump of Coal (soap)
To purchase: perpetualkid

$14.99 Angry Birds Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes Cook Book
To purchase: ThinkGeek

$24.95 OCD Chef Cutting Board
To purchase: x-tremegeek

The Baker:

$23 Easy Accent Decorator
To purchase: PamperedChef 

$136.99 101 piece baker tool caddy collection
To purchase: PasteryChef 

The Entertainer:

$39.50 Trifle Bowl
To purchase: PaperedChef 

$49.95 Hootch-Owl Corkscrew
To purchase: RedEnvelope 

$49 Cheese & Cracker Board w/Slate Trivet
To purchase: Vermont Fine Gifts 

Art Lovers:

$75 Framed Warren Kimble Brandon Barn
To purchase: Vermont Fine Gifts

$18-250 Prints by Dug Nap
To purchase: DugNap 

$95-395 Bren Bataclan prints
To purchase: BenBataclan


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Fun Finds…Felted Sculptures

I’ve recently been really wanting to try felting & these little felt sculptures make me want to try it even more!

These are by Nature’s Adornments, sold on Etsy:

Holy adorable!!! 

Just look at that detail!

Woolettes sold on Etsy:

These are beyond wonderful…  Felted Norse Viking people!

Felted Wooly Mammoth

Laleebu sold on Etsy:

Cute vegetable toys!

Precious Goldilocks and Three Bears dolls!

MMWolters on Etsy:

Felted Pumpkins to get you in the Autumn spirit…

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Fun Find… Herb Scissors!

Have the Monday Blues?  Hopefully this will put a smile on your face… Herb Scissors!!

I don’t know about you, but chopping herbs isn’t my favorite thing.  We have an herb garden out on our patio, where we’re growing parsley, chives, basil & oregano.  Only problem is that it isn’t fun to chop up a handful of herbs…seems to take a while for me to chop them into the small pieces I like!  Here’s a great find AND solution to a pesky problem: Herb Scissors!

Only $9.95 on Herb Scissors

Hmmm…I bet they would be great for shredding another pesky thing: Junk mail!! 

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