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Spread the love…Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, it is that time of year again… The love birds have started chirping to remind us to tell those we love just how much we love them.  If you are still stumped on what to get your Valentine, here are some ideas:

Art, crafts & jewelry from Etsy:

Night Lessons, a sculptural painting by The Dancing Brush

The Happy Elephant, print by RococcoLA $19

Elephants Fly with Love print by VintageDictionaryArt $10

Copper Heart Necklace by Patinaware $85

Multi-length beaded earrings by LittleMissRedhead $12

Sun Stone Fiber Earrings by BodaBoda $20

DIY Valentine ideas:

Make your own truffles!  Idea from: Good Housekeeping

Dinner…check out some of my recipes!

Places you “heart” map art… Idea from Curbly

More DIY and gift ideas to purchase on my Pinterest Board:

Other Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Get Lucky Dice from Red Envelope $39.95

Love Bandit Teddy Bear by Vermont Teddy Bear $69.99

May be cliche, but chocolates are usually a hit…especially Lake Champlain Chocolates!

If you’re searching for a gift for your man…Don’t ask me why, but chances are that your guy would like a remote control helicopter.  Seems as though this toy has made a comeback with guys in their late-20’s/early 30’s (at least the ones that I know).  If you want to see him leap with joy & let him feel like a kid again, go get him a remote control helicopter.  I won’t take the blame for how much it might annoy you to have him flying it around your house/apartment, though…Hopefully the big smile on his face makes up for it (a little bit).


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Christmas Decorations…The good, bad & the ugly!

After my post last year on the good, bad & the ugly Christmas trees, I’d mentioned I would do the same for Christmas decorations.  Sadly, I never got around to it.  I now have.  After browsing through some catalogues and photos, it really surprises me what some people think is a tasteful decoration.  Below you will find some gems I came across…Enjoy!

GOOD: Flowers are (almost) always a tasteful decoration.  These poinsettia plants are a classy way to add a little holiday cheer to your living room.  Found: CollectionsEtc

BAD: This toilet seat cover is pretty horrid.  If I walked into a bathroom & saw this, I would probably not be able to stop laughing.  If that’s what you’re going for, buy it.  If you’re decorating your home and actually think that this is cute, then we need to talk.  Found: CollectionsEtc

UGLY: I posted these last year, too.  I will reiterate: these are ugly and should not be used to decorate your chairs!  Found: Country Living

GOOD: Cute DIY idea for a wreath – yarn wrapped around Styrofoam balls & glued onto a Styrofoam wreath.  This is creative & can be re-used year after year. Found: Country Living/The Farm Chicks

BAD: I don’t know where to start.  Just don’t… Don’t buy the chair cover or the table feet covers, unless you are hosting a tacky holiday party & want to give your friends a good laugh (or gasp in horror).  Found: Christmas Tree Shop

UGLY: This is an adorable house & the lighting is very tasteful.  Surprisingly enough, I actually don’t really have a problem with the lit deer in the yard – it’s the giant inflatable Santa and polar bear that I think is just plain ugly.  Found: HomeDepot

GOOD: Wrap some of your picture frames or framed art in holiday gift wrapping paper for a fun & inexpensive way to get into the holiday spirit.  Found: Small and Simple Things

For some more GOOD simple holiday decorating ideas, please check out my Pinterest Simple Holiday Decorations board

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Fun with Fashion Friday…Halloween Costume Ideas

I have always been a little annoyed with females who use Halloween as an excuse to dress inappropriately.  I’m down for being a little risque, but there is a line.  Last year I was in downtown Burlington, VT on Halloween weekend and I really wanted to shout out “Put some clothes on!” to some of the girls walking down the street in their itty-bitty “costumes” they were hardly wearing!  There is also a time & a place…If you go out in public (versus a friend’s house party), it is also important to think about what you are wearing.  For example, if you ran into one of your coworkers in the costume, will you be able to look him or her in the eye on Monday at the office?  Just something to think about.

Here are some tasteful & creative Halloween female costume ideas…

Emily from Corpse Bride

The house in the movie UP (unisex)

DIY Owl (adult or child)

Wicked Queen


Sun-Maid Raisins Woman

Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

Couples Halloween costume ideas…

Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Dorothy & Tin Man/Lion/Scarecrow/Wizard

Safari Man/Woman & Exotic Animal

Old man & Old woman (or two old women)

Mr & Ms Potato Head

Thunder & Lightening

Shrek & Fiona

Flapper & Gangster

50’s sweetheart poodle skirt & ThunderBird Jacket

Mermaid & Pirate

The Flintstones

Mario Bros

Wall-E & Eve

Group Halloween Costume Ideas…


Captain Planet & the Planeteers


Fruit of the Loom

Wizard of Oz group

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Jem (80’s band cartoon)


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Fun Finds…Felted Sculptures

I’ve recently been really wanting to try felting & these little felt sculptures make me want to try it even more!

These are by Nature’s Adornments, sold on Etsy:

Holy adorable!!! 

Just look at that detail!

Woolettes sold on Etsy:

These are beyond wonderful…  Felted Norse Viking people!

Felted Wooly Mammoth

Laleebu sold on Etsy:

Cute vegetable toys!

Precious Goldilocks and Three Bears dolls!

MMWolters on Etsy:

Felted Pumpkins to get you in the Autumn spirit…

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Simple fall DIY decoration ideas for your home

Have I mentioned I love fall?!  Between the beautiful autumn colors, crisp air & harvest bounty, what’s not to love?  I’m not one to over-decorate my home, though.  I think too many decorations looks cheesy, and can get expensive.  Here are some fun ideas I’ve come across for you to get into the fall spirit, without overdoing it…

My Pinterest Board:

Bean Mosaic:

Fun craft project that you can do with kids!  How To

Mums & Wrapped Pumpkins:A surprisingly simple DIY craft project-wrap pumpkins with some fall fabric (secure with hot glue) and glue on a few wooden buttons.  Add a few mums for color & voila, you have a classy front stoop!  Idea from: Good Housekeeping 

Pine Cone Garland:I am absolutely in LOVE with this idea from Twig & Thistle, especially since it is so easy to make!

Fall Leaves Garland:Fun & easy to make!

Burlap Fall Wreath:DIY Burlap Fall Wreath from CraftaholicsAnonymous.comInstructions on how to make this burlap wreath: How To


If you aren’t that crafty & would like to buy a wreath, here are some pretty ones: Etsy



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Fun Find…Amazing website share!

At the risk of losing some readers… I just have to share an amazing website I was told about by a friend!

The website is called Pinterest.
According to the website, it is “a place to catalog things you love.”  

I love this website!!  It is almost like it’s for the blogger who doesn’t want to write,  just share images & findings.

I’d suggest you go into the “popular” board and check out all the different pages-DIY, Places to go, Lovely Bedrooms, Crafty, Beautiful Spaces, Tasty Treats and Words to Live By are just some of the fun boards to choose from!


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Vermont Quilt Festival 2011…Photos

First, I apologize for not posting a Fun with Frosting/Fruit Friday last Friday… What I had intended to post unfortunately didn’t turn out as planned.  Note to self: Remember to buy all the ingredients before you start cooking/baking!

Anyhoo, this past Saturday I had great fun at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I picked up some fun new fabric for some projects I’m working on and took in some gorgeous quilts.  Various quilts- old and new- hung all over both sides of the Expo Center and vendors spread themselves all along the sides.  The Vermont Quilt Festival is the largest in New England, so people came from all over!  Was a great experience & I’d highly recommend anyone with an interest or appreciation for quilting to go next year (it’s an annual festival).  Quilting truly is another form of art and creative expressionism.  Below are some photos I took while I was walking around the Festival (pardon the somewhat poor quality of photos- I only had my phone with me).  The photos are some quilts that I felt were noteworthy.  Enjoy!

Antique Quilts:

Made in 1957 by various participants from local Vermont historical societies.  Now hangs at the Kent Museum in Calais, VT.

Crazy quilt (my favorite kind of quilt) made in 1890 by Jennie Wright Putman of Middlesex, VT.

Another example of a crazy quilt- made by Philea A. Spear of Waitsfield, VT in 1909.

Close-up of Spear’s quilt.

Antique quilts- Left, unknown; Right, by Paulina Jones of Chelsea, VT in about 1875.

Modern Quilts:

“The Pride of Iowa Revisited” by Miki Peine (Saint Paul, MN)

“O Holy Night!” by The Women of the Grace Church (Madison, NJ)

“Spring Thaw” by Pamela Druhen (Northfield, VT)

“Never Again…Again” by Joan Dorsay (Ottowa, ON) & “Christmas at Kelmscott Manor” by Dawn S. Hayes (Upper Montclair, NJ)

“Madelaine- A Step Beyond Paper” by Cutting Edge Quilt Guild (Reedville, MA)
I thought this quilt was very creative- the clothes have Velcro behind them, so you can actually dress the doll! 

“Birds In The Garden” by Anna Bullard (Wells, ME)

“Queen of My Heart” by Holly Dominie (Readfield, ME)
This quilt was very creative and very touching- it is of her daughter, who’s hair has always fascinated her.  The fabrics used were mainly from Australia.  The card read, “The journey making this quilt was one of love, challenge and learning, just like our relationship!”  Something about the quilt & explanation really struck me. 

Cyndy Needham- CA

“Provincial Baskets” by Frances Abell Brand (West Dennis, MA)

“Cutwork Blue” by Alice Flynn, 1995 (South Yarmouth, MA)

By Karen Henderson

By Sonya Lee Barrington- CA

Vase made of fabric by Marilyn Gillis

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