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Spread the love…Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, it is that time of year again… The love birds have started chirping to remind us to tell those we love just how much we love them.  If you are still stumped on what to get your Valentine, here are some ideas:

Art, crafts & jewelry from Etsy:

Night Lessons, a sculptural painting by The Dancing Brush

The Happy Elephant, print by RococcoLA $19

Elephants Fly with Love print by VintageDictionaryArt $10

Copper Heart Necklace by Patinaware $85

Multi-length beaded earrings by LittleMissRedhead $12

Sun Stone Fiber Earrings by BodaBoda $20

DIY Valentine ideas:

Make your own truffles!  Idea from: Good Housekeeping

Dinner…check out some of my recipes!

Places you “heart” map art… Idea from Curbly

More DIY and gift ideas to purchase on my Pinterest Board:

Other Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Get Lucky Dice from Red Envelope $39.95

Love Bandit Teddy Bear by Vermont Teddy Bear $69.99

May be cliche, but chocolates are usually a hit…especially Lake Champlain Chocolates!

If you’re searching for a gift for your man…Don’t ask me why, but chances are that your guy would like a remote control helicopter.  Seems as though this toy has made a comeback with guys in their late-20’s/early 30’s (at least the ones that I know).  If you want to see him leap with joy & let him feel like a kid again, go get him a remote control helicopter.  I won’t take the blame for how much it might annoy you to have him flying it around your house/apartment, though…Hopefully the big smile on his face makes up for it (a little bit).


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Super Bowl Eats

I’m honestly not into football.  I only go to Super Bowl parties to eat tasty food, hang out with my friends, ooo and ahh at the commercials, and watch the halftime show.  Even though I grew up in the Boston area & think Tom Brady is a hunk, I still probably won’t be watching much of the game this year.  For those of you who are planning your Super Bowl foods, here are some fun ideas I’ve come across…


 Mini Football Cupcakes…um, how adorable are these?! 
From: Project Domestication

Patriots Cake
From: Coolest Birthday Cakes

Chili & Grilled Cheese Footballs
From: FamilyFun 

Football Deviled Eggs
From: Southern Living 

Football Shaped Proscuitto & Asiago Rice Cakes
From: Hungry Happenings 

Ultimate Snack Food Stadium…Wow, this thing has just about everything!
From: Holytaco 

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