Fun with Frosting Friday… Twilight Themed Cake

I wouldn’t call myself a “Twi-Hard” by any means… I’ve seen all the Twilight movies, but that was because of a friend of mine, who I would probably classify as a Twi-Hard.  For a going-away party for this friend, I decided to make a Twilight themed cake for her. I did some surfing & came across this Twilight cake, which I did my best to imitate.  I only vaguely remembered this saying in the movie, but she seemed to like it!  Here’s how it turned out:


Apple Cake:
Red frosting dye
Green frosting dye
3/4 tub White frosting (you may need 1 tub, depending on how much frosting you like on the cake…)
1 box cake mix

Lion & Lamb:
1/4-1/2 tub white frosting
2 green Mini M&M’s
2 red Mini M&M’s
2 blue Mini M&M’s
Tube black decorator’s gel
1/4 cup coconut
3-4 candy hearts
Yellow frosting dye
White frosting

Misc tools: 
Frosting tips (Wiltons #3 & #352)
Frosting bag (reusable)
9×13 cake pan
Mixing bowls

Here’s how I made it:

Baked a chocolate cake in a large pan

Allowed to cool for 20-30 minutes

Cut out the cake in an apple shape (see above)

With some of the scraps, I cut out two small circles, about the size of a regular cupcake.
Another option would have been to pour a little batter into 2 cupcake tins when baking the cake.

My scraps

I then added some red dye to white frosting & frosted the cake.  I unfortunately did not have enough red dye, so my frosting ended up looking a little pink…again…I really need to work on getting some good red frosting dye!!

After I finished frosting the cake, I took a damp paper towel and wiped down the sides of the plate.

For the apple’s leaves, I added some green dye to about 1/3 a cup of white frosting & put it into a frosting bag w/a 352 Wilton tip.

While I was mixing, I also mixed 1/4 a cup of white frosting with yellow dye for one of the cupcakes.

Since it was my first time making leaves with this tip, I did a couple practice leaves on a piece of paper, then on the apple.

With the remainder of my white frosting, I used a #3 Wilton tip to do the writing “So the lion fell in love with the lamb” on the cake & added some red candy hearts for added decoration.

I then frosted the 2 cupcakes – one white and the other yellow.

For the lion’s mane, I added some yellow dye to a small handful of coconut.

To decorate the lion: I sprinkled the coconut around the edge, added 2 green mini M&M’s for his eyes, 2 red mini M&M’s for the nose, an upside down candy heart for the mouth & black decorator’s gel for the whiskers.

For the lamb: I sprinkled coconut over the top, then added two pink candy hearts for the ears, 2 blue mini M&M’s for the eyes, a pink candy for the nose & black decorator’s gel for the mouth.

The finished cake…sorry for the poor photo quality!

I think my lamb & lion came out amazing…I just wish I could say the same for the apple cake…Oh well, better luck next time!


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One response to “Fun with Frosting Friday… Twilight Themed Cake

  1. Nadia

    this stinks ,
    i got a way better recipe from Amazing

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