What kind of Foodie are you?

I was scrolling through articles this morning & came across one by Anna Brones that cracked me up: “The 10 Types of Foodies.”  I thought to myself, “There’s more than one kind?!”   Oh yes, yes there are:

Made It Myself
I’m probably this one…

The Organivore

The Europhile
Yea, yea we got it – the crepes in Paris are much better than the ones here… 

The One Upper

The Snob
We all know that nothing is good enough for these folks! 

The Anti-Snob
You just gotta love these Foodies…Or should I say the Anti-Foodies, ha

The Avoider
I unfortunately know WAY too many of these.  They’re annoying to have over for dinner because you’re constantly having to ask what they aren’t eating now

The Blogging Food Pornographer
We love them & yet we hate them…always posting mouth-watering photos of their meals 

The Bacon Lover

The DIYer
While homemade beer is often delicious, I often wonder if making it yourself is always better/cheaper?! 


Hmmm…Which one are YOU?


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One response to “What kind of Foodie are you?

  1. Tara

    Definitely a Made it Myself with a touch of Bacon Lover and Organivore thrown in!

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