Happy & Healthy…Interesting Article About Gardening & Being A Frugal Locavore

I want to share an article I read, which was in the New York Times last month.  This is such an inspirational story of a dedicated woman going back to the land to feed & take care of her family.  It truly makes me want to keep up all that I have already started to do in my own life & go even further.  I already participated in a CSA (community supported agriculture) this year, tended to my own little herb garden & use alternative cleaning methods, whenever possible.  Now to just convince my condo association that a compost bin won’t look horrible in the neighborhood…

Susan Gregory Thomas, author of “In Spite of Everything: A Memoir,” and the article I read in the New York Times, brings gardening, cooking & cleaning to a whole new level.  She gives examples of how she makes her own bread, raises chickens, plans a garden to feed her family, and makes her own cleaning products. The cost savings are incredible.  This mother of 3 is able to live on $100 a week for food, which alone is amazing, but even more is that she is able to do it in a healthy way and live in a city.  Truly inspirational.

Here is the link to read her article & story:

Back to the Land, Reluctantly 


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