Fun with Frosting Fail….Spider cupcakes….

My failed cactus cake (what not to do) post from last year gets a lot of hits…My struggle seems to be amusing, so I guess I’ll provide some more amusement with my FAILED spider cupcakes…

Last weekend my boyfriend and I hosted a Halloween party in our condo.  We’ve been doing a lot of painting & renovations, so it was also an excuse to have our friends come over and see what we’ve been up to.  Over the past couple of months, when we haven’t been re-arranging, painting or fixing up old piece of furniture, we’ve been away.  Realizing that we were about to have a whole bunch of people over, I started stressing out about the fact that our office still hadn’t been painted and it looked like a child had gone to town on our walls with all of the paint sample streaks all over the walls.  It took me forever to decide what color I wanted, so the walls looked horrible.  I got it into my head that I wanted to paint before our party, so the stubborn person I am – we painted!  We started Friday night.  Our party was Saturday night.  I know, I know…crazy idea.  By the way, after all my paint sample stressing, my boyfriend ended up just going to the store and getting a discounted bucket of paint…thankfully I love the color & will be posting photos soon!

So why did I just go on a tangent telling you about my painting struggles?  Needless to say, we finished painting two coats in the office (it looks sooo good), moved all the furniture back in & put the closet back together…but it didn’t exactly leave me a ton of time to cook for our party…Ooops.  I had decided that I wanted to make just about all the things that I posted on my Halloween Party foods, too.  Once again, yes I can be a little crazy sometimes & put too much on my plate…I at least know this about myself.  I almost always get what I want done, but occasionally things don’t always come out as planned: case & point…my spider cupcakes.

Issue #1: I bought the wrong licorice.  I thought I was buying pull & peel Twizzlers & turned out that I bought Chocolate Twizzlers, instead.  Chocolate Twizzlers don’t “peel” in any way, shape or form.  In the photos you can see that I did try to make legs out of the Chocolate Twizzlers & failed miserably.

Issue #2: I was so wrapped up in cooking my other foods that I forgot to switch the cupcakes half-way through on the racks in the oven.  
NOTE: It is important to switch the bottom rack and top rack items half-way through to encourage an even distribution of heat, thus helping your cupcakes not be undercooked on the top & overcooked on the bottom, for example (which is what happened to me)

Issue #3: I ran out of chocolate sprinkles.  I made due with what I had, but without legs & chocolaty fuzzy goodness, my spiders ended up looking very weird & very patchy.  Bald spiders without legs anyone?  

Thankfully it was Halloween weekend, so the cupcakes still looked creepy, just not in the respect that I was hoping for…in the spider form!



These were what I was going for & failed:

Spider Cupcakes by Bakerella


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