Fun with Fashion Friday…Halloween Costume Ideas

I have always been a little annoyed with females who use Halloween as an excuse to dress inappropriately.  I’m down for being a little risque, but there is a line.  Last year I was in downtown Burlington, VT on Halloween weekend and I really wanted to shout out “Put some clothes on!” to some of the girls walking down the street in their itty-bitty “costumes” they were hardly wearing!  There is also a time & a place…If you go out in public (versus a friend’s house party), it is also important to think about what you are wearing.  For example, if you ran into one of your coworkers in the costume, will you be able to look him or her in the eye on Monday at the office?  Just something to think about.

Here are some tasteful & creative Halloween female costume ideas…

Emily from Corpse Bride

The house in the movie UP (unisex)

DIY Owl (adult or child)

Wicked Queen


Sun-Maid Raisins Woman

Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

Couples Halloween costume ideas…

Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Dorothy & Tin Man/Lion/Scarecrow/Wizard

Safari Man/Woman & Exotic Animal

Old man & Old woman (or two old women)

Mr & Ms Potato Head

Thunder & Lightening

Shrek & Fiona

Flapper & Gangster

50’s sweetheart poodle skirt & ThunderBird Jacket

Mermaid & Pirate

The Flintstones

Mario Bros

Wall-E & Eve

Group Halloween Costume Ideas…


Captain Planet & the Planeteers


Fruit of the Loom

Wizard of Oz group

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Jem (80’s band cartoon)



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