Decorating…Fall Catalog Fun

Fall catalogs are coming!  Fall catalogs are coming!

Pardon the vulgar analogy, but seasonal catalogs to a gal like me are like porn magazines.  I cannot wait for the Pottery Barn and other seasonal catalogs to come in the mail.  Looking at the images on-line sometimes just isn’t the same (but thank goodness for on-line catalogs).  My boyfriend turned to me last night, after I excitedly showed him a photo of a gorgeous table and said, “These things are dangerous!”  I giggled.  While I cannot afford most of the items inside these catalogs, it is fun to flip through the pages and imagine my dream home decorated with the drool-worthy rugs, fine dinnerware on my table and the crisp sheets on my bed.  A gal can dream…

Here are some of my favorites from the fall home decor catalogs:

Pottery Barn:

The seasonal catalogues are also good to look at for ideas – then buy a similar item for less $ elsewhere or ideas of what to look for at yard sales & thrift stores!

Crate & Barrel:

The red couch is gorgeous (never be afraid of a little RED)

I love the look of these retro yellow vases, mixed in with the candles!

L.L. Bean

These are two great ideas for my front hallway that I’ve been eyeing!

Restoration Hardware:

Maps are a great (and inexpensive) way of decorating your walls!  The maps with the leather couch give a very dignified look for a study or living room.



A few fails…

I’m not sure which is worse, the creepy shag rug or the faux-fur pillows…eeek! (Crate & Barrel)

One word: tacky.  Sorry Pottery Barn…

A trunk desk by Restoration Hardware that I’m honestly just not sure what to say about it…tacky, yet funky, yet just not right…


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  1. Hello Littlemissredhead,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Fall bridal shower decorations can take advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer. Earth tones, nuts, leaves, and the autumn scents, are just some of the great choices you’ll have. So, let your senses take over as you begin your decorating ideas.

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