Living Room Renovations…Adding a bit of color


I did a post a few weeks ago on how much of a difference shifting around your furniture makes for the energy of a room, so today I’m posting about the difference a little color makes!  My boyfriend’s whole condo was cream when I moved in, so I encouraged him that we needed to add a bit of color.

 We LOVE the living room color.  It is called “overcast” in an eggshell finish by Benjamin Moore, from Aubuchon Hardware.  The paint has primer built in, which is nice, but we still needed to do two coats.  The color is calm, cool & just makes you feel more relaxed as soon as you walk in.

We started off by taking all the furniture out of the room and setting up a dehumidifier.  Next, we filled in any holes or dings in the walls & removed the curtains/curtain rods.  Once the walls were ready, we vacuumed the walls (making sure to get all the corners!) and then prepped the edges with painters tape. We did the first coat one night and the second coat the second night.  It is very important that the walls are dry before you put the second coat of paint on!  Once the second coat was dry, we carefully removed the painters tape from the edges and then moved the furniture back in the room.  From the photo, it looks like a very subtle change & more of a difference in person.  
Living Room AFTER with Benjamin Moore Overcast

Next up for the living room: hanging some art on the walls & finding a different rug…


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