Only a REAL redhead would understand…

I feel lucky that I was born a redhead.  I’ve never wanted to have any other color.  I dyed my hair once, just out of curiosity, and hated it.  I missed being stopped in the streets by people telling me how beautiful my hair color is or asking if it was real.  I missed being unique (we make up only 4% of the world’s population).  This feeling isn’t mutual among all redheads…

I read an article today by Katherine Bindley about the fact that being a redhead is a love-hate relationship.  I guess this is true, to some extent.  I did have a hard time when I was traveling in South America, with just how much I stood out.  I also stood out in my class growing up – teased & bullied constantly.  Yet, I’d still never trade my hair color in for any other.  Bindley got it right in her article – only a fellow redhead would understand.  Only a fellow redhead would understands what it was like to grow up feeling like Rudolph, only having that bulb on the top of their head.  I get annoyed with people who pride themselves on being a redhead, when it really comes from a bottle.  They just don’t get it.  I’m all for people coloring their hair, but just don’t pretend that it’s natural…Don’t pretend you’ve dealt with standing out your whole life.

Unlike Bindley, I’d love to have little ginger babies (don’t worry honey– some day).  I’d love to pass on this uncommon color on to a child.  Being unique, once you embrace it, makes you stronger.

100% natural.

Natural: Lindsey Lohan (clearly one who stopped embracing it, as she’s now a bleach blonde), Julianne Moore, Conan O’Brien, Queen Elizabeth I, Rupert Grint, George Washington, Florence Nightingale, Ron Howard, Carol Burnett & Molly Ringwald.

Fake, but somehow get categorized as a redhead: Lucille Ball (this one makes me sad…I’d have loved for her to have been real), Christina Hendricks (she wears it well), Amy Adams, Alyson Hannigan, Wynnona & Naomi Judd (duh), Geena Davis & Nicole Kidman is up for debate if she’s real or dyed…



Article mentioned:
Being a Redhead: Why It’s A Love-Hate Relationship by Katherine Bindley 


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