Fun website find…The Make Room (Planner)


I wish I’d known about this website back when I lived in my previous apartment, but now is as good of a time as any!  I can already tell that this website will save my back from a lot of pain and save my boyfriend and I from having disagreements about where things should go… We moved in together not too long ago & are in the process of sorting out where the rest of my stuff from storage will go.  This is a great FREE tool to plan where things will go.

Choose from plan examples or create your own!

I’m a visual person & a planner, so this is a great tool that satisfies both aspects of my personality. Check out the plan I came up with for our office (it’s a small room, so this thing really helped visualize!):

The Make Room tool allows you to add doors, closets, windows to the walls & place furniture throughout the room.  The furniture dimensions can all easily be adjusted and you can even add in little computers (how cute?!) and plants!  I can already tell I’m going to be “wasting” a lot of time on this website… I’m excited.

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