Fun with Fruit Friday… Cape gooseberries & Ice Cream!

Cape gooseberry aka strawberry tomato aka golden gooseberry aka golden berry aka Chinese lantern

Read more: Cook’s Thesaurus

So I’m sure you’re probably asking, “What the heck are Cape gooseberries or strawberry tomatoes or whateveryoucallits?”  I asked the same question.  A few days ago, I was in my father’s garden picking some zucchini for bread (recipe coming soon) & I looked over to the tomato vines.  Puzzled at what I saw, I asked my father what those things growing with a case around them were?  He responded, “Strawberry tomatoes.”  I’d never heard of them before, but once I unwrapped one, I immediately recognized the little berry.  The berry is typically used as a garnish for desserts (mainly at high-end restaurants), and they are somewhat of a rare find in the United States (I last saw them at a restaurant in Quebec City).  Excited to taste the berry again, I picked a couple handfuls (and ate a few, too)!  Once I got home, I “Googled” what strawberry tomatoes were and found out that they have a number of names (see above), which is probably why I wasn’t sure of their name in the first place.  They are cute little berries with almost a cherry tomato-like texture and crunch, yet tastes very sweet.  

I decided to add the Cape gooseberries to some vanilla ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s, of course)…

The combination of the two flavors was absolutely incredible!

If you ever find Cape gooseberries, I’d highly recommend purchasing/tasting them & adding them to ice cream or a spinach salad with goat cheese!  Yum!


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