Decorating Tips…Tweaking what you already have

This article in the Wall Street Journal is fabulous.  I suggest anyone who is bored with their current decor to read this article:

Introducing ‘the refresh’: Minimally invasive décor tweaks that give interiors a major lift

Not only does this article have some fun before and after photos (my favorite!!), but it has some great tips, too:

“Take everything out of the room, then assess,” said Amy Lau, a New York designer… “You accumulate tons of stuff. Take it all out, then layer it back in, and clean it up.”

Matthew Patrick Smyth put it this way: “Purge. Things from trips, gifts, what the kids bring home. You lose perspective. ‘Do I need this in my life?’ The answer is ‘No.’ Look at the place cold, as though you were showing up for a party. Think ‘thrift shop.'”

Tracey Pruzan advised focusing on the signature pieces, and letting them dictate what happens next, because “it’s hard to know what to change” when you start.

Reupholster.  This can bring an old piece back to life!

 “Color is the cheapest thing you can do,” Mario Buatta said. “Color changes the point of view of a room.” He once talked a client out of replacing all her furniture. “The walls went from yellow to dark green and the furniture came to life again.”


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