Recipes…Fiddlehead and asparagus parmesan risotto

I apologize for not posting this recipe sooner, when fiddleheads were in season (early June)!  Our first drop-off of CSA (community supported agriculture) included: fiddleheads, asparagus, lettuce & radishes.  I had never cooked fiddleheads before, so I called my mom to see how to cook them & then searched around for a recipe that they would be good in.  I couldn’t find one, so I (naturally) made one up!


What I came up with: sautéed fiddleheads, steamed asparagus & toasted pine nuts in parmesan risotto!


Asparagus (about a handful), 0.08 lb pine nuts, box parmesan risotto, olive oil (for the risotto), approx 1 cup fiddleheads, 1/2 an onion, butter, chicken (or vegetable) stock, 1 clove garlic & a little chunk of parmesan (for flavor/accent).

(Cook time approx 30-35 minutes) 


Cook the risotto per the instructions on the box…note my slight change below to the liquids, though.

Per instructions, toast the risotto in a little olive oil.

I added 1/2 cup chicken broth for added flavor & then cut down the water to 1 3/4 cups, since the chicken broth is so thick.

Once the risotto starts boiling, add some chunks of parmesan for added flavor.

Rise off, cut the ends off and cover the asparagus in a large pot (with a little bit of water in the bottom).  Steam until cooked 2-5 minutes, depending on how crunchy and/or how fresh it is.

Chop up 1/2 an onion.

Cut off the brown sections of the fiddleheads the sides & stems).

Thoroughly rinse off the fiddleheads & drain, then put in a pot of boiling water w/some salt.  Boil for 1 minute (no more!!)

Sauté up the chopped 1/2 onion in a little butter

Add the fiddleheads to the onions

Add a clove of garlic to the onions & fiddleheads and saute until lightly browned & add in a little extra butter

Your asparagus should be done by now, so remove it from heat & set to cool a minute or two.

Lightly toast the pine nuts in a dab of butter (or use the same pan as the fiddleheads & onion)

Once cooled to touch, chop up the asparagus

To the cooked pot of risotto, stir together the fiddleheads & onion mixture, the toasted pine nuts & steamed asparagus.

Grate a little fresh parmesan for accent on the top & serve hot.  It’s a great meal in itself or a hearty side with some fish or meat.


Notes about fiddleheads: Fiddleheads are not recommended to be eaten raw- can cause stomach upset.  Best to eat fresh.  If unable to eat fiddleheads right away (in first day or two), then best to freeze them until ready to consume.  Cut & wash before freezing.


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