Vermont Quilt Festival 2011…Photos

First, I apologize for not posting a Fun with Frosting/Fruit Friday last Friday… What I had intended to post unfortunately didn’t turn out as planned.  Note to self: Remember to buy all the ingredients before you start cooking/baking!

Anyhoo, this past Saturday I had great fun at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I picked up some fun new fabric for some projects I’m working on and took in some gorgeous quilts.  Various quilts- old and new- hung all over both sides of the Expo Center and vendors spread themselves all along the sides.  The Vermont Quilt Festival is the largest in New England, so people came from all over!  Was a great experience & I’d highly recommend anyone with an interest or appreciation for quilting to go next year (it’s an annual festival).  Quilting truly is another form of art and creative expressionism.  Below are some photos I took while I was walking around the Festival (pardon the somewhat poor quality of photos- I only had my phone with me).  The photos are some quilts that I felt were noteworthy.  Enjoy!

Antique Quilts:

Made in 1957 by various participants from local Vermont historical societies.  Now hangs at the Kent Museum in Calais, VT.

Crazy quilt (my favorite kind of quilt) made in 1890 by Jennie Wright Putman of Middlesex, VT.

Another example of a crazy quilt- made by Philea A. Spear of Waitsfield, VT in 1909.

Close-up of Spear’s quilt.

Antique quilts- Left, unknown; Right, by Paulina Jones of Chelsea, VT in about 1875.

Modern Quilts:

“The Pride of Iowa Revisited” by Miki Peine (Saint Paul, MN)

“O Holy Night!” by The Women of the Grace Church (Madison, NJ)

“Spring Thaw” by Pamela Druhen (Northfield, VT)

“Never Again…Again” by Joan Dorsay (Ottowa, ON) & “Christmas at Kelmscott Manor” by Dawn S. Hayes (Upper Montclair, NJ)

“Madelaine- A Step Beyond Paper” by Cutting Edge Quilt Guild (Reedville, MA)
I thought this quilt was very creative- the clothes have Velcro behind them, so you can actually dress the doll! 

“Birds In The Garden” by Anna Bullard (Wells, ME)

“Queen of My Heart” by Holly Dominie (Readfield, ME)
This quilt was very creative and very touching- it is of her daughter, who’s hair has always fascinated her.  The fabrics used were mainly from Australia.  The card read, “The journey making this quilt was one of love, challenge and learning, just like our relationship!”  Something about the quilt & explanation really struck me. 

Cyndy Needham- CA

“Provincial Baskets” by Frances Abell Brand (West Dennis, MA)

“Cutwork Blue” by Alice Flynn, 1995 (South Yarmouth, MA)

By Karen Henderson

By Sonya Lee Barrington- CA

Vase made of fabric by Marilyn Gillis


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