Fun with Fruit Friday…Mohawk Fruit & Veggie Appetizer

This post is a bit on the unusual side, I’ll admit.  This fruit & veggie appetizer was concocted for my friend’s going-away party.  He has a mohawk, which he’s rather known for, so I decided to make an appetizer to show how much we’ll miss him (and his mohawk)…

 Unfortunately it’s not a terribly flattering picture of him, but it was the only one I could find that he had his mohawk up and his tongue sticking out…sorry buddy!


12 skewers, 6 toothpicks, 1 cucumber, 1 bag mini carrots, 1 red pepper, 1 block cheese (I used cheddar, but I’d recommend something softer), grapes, 1 watermelon, veggie dip & a large tray


Start off by cutting off a small chunk of the bottom of the watermelon to help stabilize it on the tray

Cut up the veggies- the cucumber into thick slices & the peppers into long slices.Wash the grapes & cut up the cheese into cubes.

Carefully put the cubes of cheese and grapes on the skewers.

As I mentioned above, cheddar is good, but the skewers split the cubes…I’d use a softer cheese, like Muenster.

Cut up the toothpicks approx 2mm long (tip to middle- must have the pointed tip!)…Note: when I was cutting them up, the ends went flying, so hold down the part you want to keep!  

I got 2 out of each toothpick- you need 11 2mm points.

Stick the toothpick point through both ends of a mini carrot, all the way through, so the flat end is hardly seen.  Do the same for the cucumbers & the peppers.

Carefully stick the toothpicked cucmber, carrot and pepper in the watermelon.

Voila- you have a nose, eyes and a mouth…as you can see below, I added part of a pepper for a tongue sticking out!

After the face is stuck on, add the skewers of cheese & grapes.

Lastly, add veggies around the bottom.

Serve, laugh, enjoy!


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