Decorating Ideas…Spring Collections

Spring has sprung!  Spring is also a time for change- when people have been staring at their old furniture all winter & need an update/upgrade…or want to be outside.  Here are some fun ideas that might get your creative juices flowing… Some do’s and dont’s of some Spring Catalog collections:


Restoration HardwareLeather is timeless & trunks are useful not only for storage, but also make great coffee tables

I love this fire pit

Baskets are great & inexpensive to use for decoration.  This porch is warm & inviting.


Pottery Barn:This look is very clean & refreshing…But if you have small children and/or a big dog, I would NOT suggest a white couch…

I love the idea of bookshelves all over the bedroom (I love libraries) & the duvet cover is very tasteful/works with anything


LL Bean:Traditional Collection…classic

Rockers aren’t just for old people- these are well made & great for any porch!


Garnet Hill:Adorable shower curtain to add some color to your bathroom!

French Country is in this season…add color in the bedroom, too!


Ballard Designs:Simple & not too bulky

What a great idea to have a built-in drink shelf!


IKEA:I love everything about this kitchen

Great look for an apartment

If you have a large living room, two couches are great idea- especially if there is a fireplace or TV on one side.  It’s like you have two different living rooms all in one!

Do Not’s….

Only put picture frames all over the wall of a hallway- this look can be very overwhelming in most rooms (unless you’re wanting to create a museum…)

I’m honestly not a huge fan of Pottery Barn’s affection toward seashells this season…some of the items just seem little tacky to me

Restoration Hardware Spring 2011 image…I’m not sure what they were thinking with this one… the TV stand & bookshelf are nice,  but the chairs are horrid!  They look like like little spaceships!

This is supposedly a “farmhouse chic” pillow from the Nicola Home collection…Love farmhouse chic, but I do NOT love this pillow…

Just say NO to pretty much everything in this room (except the white chair)… A poor design choice by Ballard Designs (in my opinion)


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