Fun with Fingers Friday…Kitchen knife safety

After a rather traumatic evening of blood, bandages and a trip to the walk-in clinic, I have decided to forgo my usual Fun with Frosting Friday post and talk about knife safety.  Even if you know better, it’s good to have a refresher/reminder every once & a while on the proper way to hold veggies/fruit while you are chopping them!  Here’s to your fingers… and keeping all ten of them!  

(P.S. I’ll be fine, just a little embarrassed & bandaged due to some slippery carrots…)

Kitchen knife safety & how to chop vegetables or fruit:

1. Look at what you are doing- don’t look elsewhere while you’re chopping…being careless can mean less fingers!

2. Don’t forget to wash your veggies, first, then dry the veggies off & the cutting board, too- slippery cutting boards mean slippery veggies!

3. Use the proper equipment- use a chef’s knife or a paring knife & make sure it’s not rusty or dull.

4. Hold the veggie with the tips of your fingers, like this:

Keep your fingers out of the way of the knife’s sharp blade!

5. Chopping vegetables like a pro is not only safer, but more efficient!  Cut down with the knife at set intervals.

6. Avoid cutting too fast- haste makes waste!

7. Make sure your Tetanus shot is up-to-date.  This may seem like an odd point, but if you’re working with metal, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Here is a good video series, if you are interested in learning more: 

Video Series: How to cut vegetables


However, if you do end up cutting yourself, here are some fun finger puppets you can make or buy to cover up the ugly bandage!



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    Hey, tried adding your site to google reader and it shows an error message, any idea?

  2. Solved it, I was missing a ‘/’ in my http://. Thanks!

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