Breakfast recipe…. Cinnamon French Toast

Here is a recipe for cinnamon french toast that came out pretty well the other morning… took about 20 minutes and hit the spot!

Ingredients: Frozen (thawed) blueberries, butter, 2-3 eggs (for approx 6 pieces of toast), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, loaf of bread, milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla

Feel free to swap out the blueberries with any fruit is in season (or that you prefer)!


~First, put the thawed blueberries in a small pan on medium heat with about a teaspoon of butter (optional: add a teaspoon of sugar), stirring occasionally.  Once the blueberries have boiled for a minute or two, set to simmer and leave on the burner while making the toast (stir occasionally).

~Crack 2-3 eggs (2 large or 3 small) into a bowl, add about 1/4 cup of milk, vanilla & the cinnamon, whisk mixture

~Place the toast in the egg mixture

~Flip the toast & get egg on both sides

~On a lightly buttered warmed (medium heat), toast the french toast, flip with a spatula once lightly browned on both sides

NOTE: I suggest you taste a piece & see if your mixture could use a little more vanilla or cinnamon…to each their own!

~While you are making the french toast, place the cooked pieces in the oven at approx 225 to keep warm/toasted

(Optional: lightly butter the french toast, once out of the oven & ready to serve)

~When you are ready to serve the french toast, remove the blueberries from the heat and drizzle on the top of the toast



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