Fun with Frosting Friday…Easter Bunnies!

I am apologizing now for the horrible quality of the photos I posted below- these were taken a number of years ago!  These were actually one of my first attempts at decorative cupcakes!  Anyway, here were some Easter Bunny cupcakes I did for my family’s Easter celebration:

Ingredients (for 12): cupcake mix, container of white frosting, assorted Jelly Beans, a tube of pink Wilton’s frosting (or fill your own bag of white frosting dyed pink), 6 marshmallows,  Cadbury Mini Eggs

Note: When I made these cupcakes, they were carrot cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting!


  • Bake cupcakes per instructions & set to cool to room temperature
  • Generously frost the cupcakes

  • Cut the marshmallows in 1/2 and place them on the tops of the cupcakes for the bunny’s ears (sticky side down)
  • Place the Jelly Beans below the marshmallows for the bunny’s eyes
  • Put the Mini Eggs below the Jelly Bean eyes, but leave enough room to decorate the bunny’s mouth
  • With the pink frosting, draw on the bunny’s mouth and add a little pink to the inside of the bunny’s ears on the lower section of the marshmallows

Happy Easter!

If cupcakes aren’t your thing, here is a healthier idea for your Easter celebration- a fun carrot made of carrots (and celery for the stalk)!  


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