Crafting fun…Quilted Duvet Cover!

Bedroom decorating…my boyfriend’s place…

Before picture #1…very much a bachelor’s bedroom

Before picture #2… after we read all about Feng Shui & how it is important to have symmetry- we bought a matching night stand and 2 lamps!


My boyfriend’s bedroom still needed a bit of color, so I decided to surprise him by making a quilted duvet cover for his bed (gender-neutral/somewhat manly tones & fabric patterns that match his curtains/rug, of course)!  I am by no means the best seamstress in the land, but I can hold my own & make a pretty good looking project every now and then (at least I think so…)!

I already had a Queen-size duvet cover, so I measured it out and drew up a plan (I ended up modifying it later, though).  With my plan in mind, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy some fabric, thread & buttons.  At Jo-Ann Fabric, I discovered that the back was too wide for one panel of fabric & that there would be a seam.  I did not like the idea of a pesky seam, so I went to KMart & bought an inexpensive pair of light-weight navy blue sheets.  I used the top sheet as the back of the duvet cover & cut up the fitted sheet for matching squares on the top!

I started off with big panels of fabric & decided that it didn’t look good, so…..

I cut them up!

Here are all the panels laid out on top of the back panel (aka the top sheet I bought).

I pinned the strips of panels together (one row at a time!)

and began to sew, sew, sew!  And yes, I made sure to remember to double-back the stitch when finishing and starting!

Once all the rows were done, I pinned the rows together, starting at the edges (making sure to match them up evenly).

Above is what the duvet cover looked like after the rows were all pinned together.

I then began to sew the rows together.

At each edge, I made sure to double-back the stitch, which hopefully will prevent ripping & make it stronger!

On one of the sides, I made sure to leave an opening to put the duvet in (about 20 inches).  I folded the edges & sewed them, to make it look nice.

Here is the duvet cover all sewn & just needing buttons to close the duvet inside!

So, I HATE sewing button holes.  I love sewing on buttons, but button holes are not a fun task…and I made the mistake of doing them by hand…First, I measured out the opening & pinned where the 6 buttons would go (ensuring even distribution).

I sewed the buttons on tightly- going through the holes multiple times.

Volia the button all sewn on- spaced well from the edge!

I then cut a small opening for the button on the other side (I made sure to not cut too big of a hole, as when folded back the fabric it stretched a bit).  I folded the fabric back a bit on the inside & sewed around the edge.  My edges weren’t pretty, so I’m not going to show them.

Thankfully, the buttons cover the holes up nicely!

Here is the quilted duvet cover on the bed…thankfully it came out well & we both love it.  Very Vermonty!  My next project is clearly a matching bed skirt!!


And some photos/art for the walls!


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