Happy & Healthy…. Back exercises to do at your desk

I have had back issues ever since I was a teenager.  I ruined my back with giving kids I babysat for piggyback rides, picking heavy items up without using my legs and slouching.  I’m paying for it now.  I threw my back out last year and went to see a physical therapist (aka PT) for a couple weeks.  Unfortunately, I did not see the PT long enough (or keep up with the assigned exercises) and ended up throwing it out again.  Lesson learned.  I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for a little over a month now & she’s fabulous.  I’m going to start seeing a PT again, soon, too, to get some exercises that will suit my needs and make my back stronger.

If you have a desk job, like me, you probably spend a good amount of time sitting down.  Our bodies weren’t designed to sit the entire day, but we don’t really have a choice now, with everything being done via computer these days!  Anyway, here are some suggestions that my chiropractor had for those of you who sit at a desk all day (she recommends stretching/getting up every hour!)…

The proper sitting/desk position (click on the image to learn more):

Here is a hip opener stretch my chiropractor suggested to me, which I’m to get up and do just about every hour:

And here are some other desk exercises for you to try while you are at work (sorry for the random images….but you get the idea):

Misc other desk suggestions…

A balance ball chair!  This thing looks awesome!  Find one that suits you on Amazon.com!

NOTE: These are just a few suggestions for you, so you don’t have pain (like me).  I’m not a licensed doctor, so if you’re really having back troubles, please go see a chiropractor or physical therapist!


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