Fun with Frosting Friday…Dragon Cake!

Hooray!  I finally have a cake of my OWN to show you today!  I made this cake for a group of friends who were celebrating their birthdays together.  I had full intentions of it being a red dragon, but it ended up a little more on the pinkish side…oops.  I had a few stumbles with this cake, but it thankfully turned out great in the end!  Here’s where I got the idea for the dragon and here’s how I made it…

Ingredients: Reeses minis (new!), 3 Fruit Roll-Ups, 2 boxes cake mix (plus eggs & butter), Orange Slice candies, 2 16 oz frosting tubs, 1 marshmallow, red food coloring, 2 wooden skewers, 2 mini M&M’s and a bar of chocolate (that have slices pre-cut) or chocolate-covered grahams.

Materials: 2 non-stick 9-inch circular pans, a frosting knife and a knife


  • Preheat the oven per the cake batter instructions
  • Add ingredients per cake batter instructions (i.e. eggs, butter (almost always use butter instead of veggie oil!), water, etc.
  • Bake in oven per instructions or until the top of the cake is slightly “bouncy”

  • DO NOT over-fill the pan with batter…always leave a couple inches from the top or your cake will look like this…(see above…)
  • Set cakes aside & allow to cool
  • Cut one of the cakes in half …let sit and cool a little longer
  • Spread frosting between the slices cut in half and put together (flat side down)
  • Use diagram below to cut the other cake and assemble

Sorry I totally forgot to take a picture of the cake before I added the body, so here’s a picture from (below)

  • Mix the frosting in a medium-sized bowl with red food dye…try to get the good stuff from Michael’s…I used regular red food coloring and it clearly turned out a little more pink than I’d hoped for!

  • With a frosting knife, gently spread the frosting over the cake

  • Slice the marshmallow in half, push sticky-side down on the cake for the dragon’s eyes and add the 2 mini M&M’s (put a little frosting on the backs) on the top of the marshmallow slices for the dragon’s pupils.
  • Stick on the mini Reeses’s (larger side down) for the nostrils, add the orange slices for the nails, break the chocolate slices in half (I’d suggest you leave the ones that go on its back whole) and gently stick in the dragon’s back and tail for its spikes.

  • Cut the fruit roll-up for the fire and roll the fruit roll-up around the wooden skewers.  Stick the skewers in the sides of the dragon’s middle.  I’d suggest you cut the fruit roll-up down a bit, as my dragon’s wings were a little saggy.

Finished product!

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t over-fill your cake pan or you’ll need to put a pan underneath to collect the spillage!
  • Don’t cut the 2nd cake into 4 slices, as you need thick slices to keep the middle up…mine drooped in the car ride over to the party.
  • Use good frosting dye, not food coloring

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