Local Restaurant Review…On the Rise Bakery

Before my boyfriend and I went maple sugarhousing last weekend, we started off our morning with a yummy breakfast at On the Rise Bakery in Richmond, VT.  We both had been to the bakery before, but not with each other or for breakfast.  If you’re in the area, it’s a great place to grab a snack or a good meal.

A bit about On the Rise Bakery…

Baked goods made from scratch (including many gluten-free items), using locally produced goods wherever possible and they have their own garden out front that they grow a lot of their own goods for the items they make!  They also have beer on tap and live music 4 days a week.  Most, if not all, of the items on the menu are veggie-friendly.

Location: 39 Esplanade Richmond, VT

Open: Mon 6am-12pm, Tues-Sat 6am-10pm, Sun 6am-3pm

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner served.

My review:

My boyfriend and I went there for breakfast, but we juuuust missed the breakfast hours.  Thankfully they still had some pre-made breakfast items out.  We decided on what looked like a mixture between a breakfast lasagna and breakfast pizza:

What it tasted like was inside: eggs, cheddar cheese, ground sautéed tofu with herbs, home fries and layers of pizza dough between each.  I typically am not a huge fan of fennel seeds, but inside of this crazy concoction it was delicious.  No salt or pepper needed, but it did need some (organic) ketchup.

Last time I went to On the Rise was over the summer & I had a really yummy veggie burger made from scratch, with some local greens on the side.  After listening to some live music, my friend and I went on a walk on the trails in the park next to the building- they are in a great location.  The park has a swing set and a couple picnic tables if you choose to sit outside instead of in during the warmer months.

Note that this isn’t a sit-down and be served kind of place- you order at the counter & clear your own dishes.  The staff is quirky mixture of all walks of life, some a little more friendly than others.  The baked goods are delicious & the coffee is fresh.  Prices are reasonable and worth it.

Path along the water beside On the Rise Bakery


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