Maple Syrup Open House Weekend- 10th Annual

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went around to various maple sugarhouses for the 10th Annual Maple Open House Weekend here in Vermont.  We went onto the official website: Vermont Maple Open House Weekend to look up locations and directions, then had fun driving around to the various farms and sugarhouses.  The Audubon had tap demonstrations, some farms you could visit their animals (mainly cows) and inside all the sugarhouses the staff answered the questions of inquisitive minds!


List of sugarhouses we went to:

Audubon Vermont– 255 Sherman Hollow Rd Huntington, VT

Served Sugar on Snow & view traditional sugaring with wood-fired sugar house and old metal taps.


Chucklin’ Sugarworks– 1200 Williams Hill Rd Richmond, VT

Had horse & carriage rides from the road up to the sugarhouse in the woods!


Taft’s Milk & Maple Farm– 674 Camels Hump Rd Huntington, VT

Free donuts with maple cream, maple cotton candy (yum!), candies, maple cream, maple sugar, etc.  Can also visit the animals on the farm.


Here are some photos of our adventures:














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