Bedroom Dreams & Bedroom Feng Shui

I recently purchased a new memory foam mattress topper and put a new duvet cover on my bed, so I’ve been thinking a lot about bedrooms lately.  With the purchase of the memory foam, I wanted to make sure that my bed placement is also in a good place for my well-being and for a good night’s rest.  I thought I’d share some of the research I did…

Copyright 2007 Marina Lighthouse

Feng Shui Bed Placement:

The BTB school of feng shui says that’s important for your bed to be in a commanding position- an unobstructed view of the main entrance while in bed.  Don’t align your bed with the door, though, and don’t place it under a window.

Interestingly enough, having your head/headboard against the same wall as the main entrance (of the bedroom) can cause health issues, like insomnia, issues with the nervous system, headaches and depression.  If you must have your bed against the same wall as the main entrance, place a mirror high up (aka not that you can see into when you’re in bed) on the opposite wall to reflect the door.

Where to place the rest of the furniture in your bedroom:

Feng Shui bedroom DOs:

  • Have things in pairs to create balance in your life- two night-stands, candles, paintings, matching frames, etc
  • Keep clutter-free
  • Use mirrors carefully or none at all- reflections of yourself in bed really aren’t a good thing.
  • Regarding colors, try to have a balance of 50% warm skin tones and 50% cool blues, greens or lavender- these colors are considered restful

Feng Shui bedroom DON’TS:

  • No TV’s in the bedroom
  • No desks or home offices- the bedroom is for rest and romance
  • No exercise equipment (see reason above)
  • No family or friend photos in the bedroom- keep them for the rest of the house.  Photos of you and your partner are recommended, though.
  • No pets in your bed.  Sorry Fido, but not only is it bad for your health, but it’s bad for your relationship

More on colors:

What about colors? says to have earth tones and skin tones to create a warm feeling, i.e. pink, brown, beige, yellow, cream, sand.  For couples’ bedrooms, the website suggests accents of red to add fire to the relationship!

Here is the memory foam mattress topper I purchased….If you’re like me & can’t afford a memory foam mattress (and your current mattress is on its way out like mine), I’d strongly suggest you make this purchase!  I found mine on!

Some miscellaneous photos of bedrooms that I came across in my searches & liked…

Eco-Chic on BedZine has a very warm & earthy feel to it

Here is an old Pottery Barn design- I’m a bit of a sucker for quilts and 4-post beds.

Dream bedroom…that will probably never be (except maybe on an exotic vacation)


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