Pi Day Pie….Lazy Baker Cherry Pie

As you know from my previous post, Pi Day was yesterday, so I baked a pie- cherry pie!  It came out delicious, so here’s how I made the easy/lazy recipe:

Ingredients: 2 cans cherry filling, 2 pie crusts (buy or make them), cinnamon, 1 egg

What you’ll need: 9 inch pie dish (glass is best, but metal is fine), pastry brush, small bowl, spoon


Due to a lack of time, I did not make my own crust (I know, I know…).  My boyfriend and I did make the crust for the quiche (I’ll post tomorrow) we made from scratch, so don’t worry I’ll show you how to make a yummy crust.  I just used refrigerated pie crust that I rolled out.  Note: If you use the pre-made crust or any dough for that matter, don’t let it get to room temperature or it will be very difficult to roll/unroll!  Keep dough slightly cool.

I then filled the pie crust that I laid out on a glass pie dish with 2 cans of cherry filling.  Don’t put all the “gunk” from the 2nd can in- try to just scoop out as many cherries as possible!

Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top & lightly mix it in with the cherry filling.

Cut the other pie crust  unto thick strips (just about an inch thick).

Weave the strips to make lattice on the top of the pie (hint: lift the bottom piece up as you weave the top through).  Gently fold the edges of the lattice behind the edge of the bottom crust and pinch the edges together (evenly all around the edge).

Mold the leftover dough into a Pi sign.

Crack & scramble one egg in a dish.

Dab a little egg under the Pi sign and place it on the pie.

With a pastry brush, lightly brush the egg over the dough- this will give the pie a nice glaze on the top and also ensure the crust isn’t too dry.

Cook in the oven at 425 for about 30 minutes or until the crust is a nice golden brown.

Allow to cool & serve with whipped cream or ice cream!


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