Happy Pi Day!

A couple years ago my old roommate and I hosted a Pi Day celebration- we had all our friends bring pie and we played “Pin the Pi on the Equation.”  A local bakery held a contest that they would give a pie away to anyone who could recite the first 100 numbers of Pi.  Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly take into consideration that the shop was right between MIT and Harvard campuses, so they ended up running out of pies after only a few hours.  A friend of mine, who had been practicing for days, sadly missed out on a free pie and came to the party empty-handed.  My roommate felt bad for him & later baked him one for his hard work.  To this day he is still able to recite most of numbers!

“Pin the Pi on the Equation”

Tonight, to keep the fun Pi Day memory alive, I’ll be making a quiche and cherry pie!

Happy Pi Day everyone!


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