Fun with Frosting Friday…Chick Cupcakes!

I had a potluck party last weekend with the theme of “anything chicken”, so naturally I made chicken (shaped) cupcakes!  My chick cupcake design inspirations were from a blog and from an image search on Google.


Cupcake mix, 2 tubs white buttercream frosting (do not use whipped!), candy corn, gummy fruit slices, mini M&M’s.  Yield= 18 cupcakes.


Mix & bake cupcakes per instructions (I used lemon)

Set cupcakes aside to cool for at least 20 minutes

While the cupcakes are cooling, remove frosting from the containers and put in a medium-sized bowl

Add yellow food dye until the frosting is a nice sunny yellow

Scoop 1/4 of the frosting into a decorator’s bag and attach the #21 Wilton’s decorator’s tip
Add more frosting to the decorator’s bag as needed
Decorate the tops of the cupcakes with the decorator’s tip & yellow frosting

Place 2 mini M&M’s a couple inches from the top of the cupcake for the chick’s eyes

I’d suggest you break the last layer of the candy corn for the nose, otherwise you’ll need to really shove them down in the cupcake, but it’s up to you.

Push down the candy corn in the cupcake, under the eyes, for the chick’s beak

I added a few candy corn on the tops of a couple of the chicks, just for fun.

Some of the chicks I just left as-is with the eyes and beaks

Others I added little wings- I used Sour Patch candies, when I really should have used gummy fruit candies.  Still kinda cute, though.

Finished product- a flock of chicks!


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