Appetizers…Crab Rangoons!

My boyfriend and I made some yummy appetizers the other weekend- crab rangoons!  Not the healthiest of appetizers, but ohhh so good!

I blended together a few recipes I found…


8 oz crabmeat (defrosted 1/2 a package of a 16 oz frozen imitation), 2 pkgs (8oz) cream cheese (softened), 3 green onions (finely chopped), 1/2 tsp garlic (I used garlic flakes, but you can just crush a clove), 1/2 tsp soy sauce & package won ton wrappers (my store didn’t have these, so we used spring roll wrappers) and a dish of water.

Yield=20 (entirely depends on how much you put into each & how many wrappers you have, though).

Prep time: 30 minutes.  Bake/fry time: 35 minutes.


Chop up the clumps of crab meat

Blend together the crab meat & chopped green onions.

My boyfriend and I had different opinions as to what “finely chopped” meant, so I ended up throwing the mixture in the food processor for a minute.  I’d actually really recommend doing this to get a good blend of the ingredients!

Add the garlic and soy sauce to the mixture.

Blend in the softened cream cheese with the mixture.

Approx what the mixture should look like

Scoop out some of the mixture onto one of the wrappers

If you have only 20 wrappers, put a little more mixture & less if you have more wrappers.

With your finger, put a little water around the edges of the wrapper.

Fold the wrapper in any configuration that you’d like (we did two different folds), but just make sure that all the edges are fully sealed or the mixture will fall out during the frying process!

Lightly push a fork down around the edges to ensure that they are sealed

Add a little water on the touching edges and press them together to make a fun shape

Shape #1

For shape #2, spread water along the edges with your finger and then fold all the tips together, pressing to seal all the sides.

Shape #2

Put all the rangoons on cookie sheets (or plates, it really doesn’t matter) and put in the refrigerator for a couple hours.

If you are going to leave the rangoons in the refrigerator for longer than a couple hours, I’d suggest that you spritz them lightly with water every couple hours to avoid the edges from getting too hard/possibly cracking!

Take the rangoons out of the fridge and get ready to fry ’em up!

Fill a pot 1/2 way with vegetable oil and set the stove to medium/high and wait until the oil is just about “spitting”

Drop a couple rangoons into the oil & flip them after a minute or so- bake until golden brown.

Remove the rangoons from the oil with TONGS and place onto a pan/plate lined with paper towels (to absorb some of the oil).

Wait a few minutes before removing the (HOT) rangoons from the paper towels to serve!

Serve with duck sauce, soy sauce or any other concoction that you like to dip your crab rangoons in!  Enjoy!


p.s. The funny white crab rangoons on the top right of this photo are two we attempted to bake instead of fry… we put them on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes in an oven at 425…they turned out okay, but not quite as good as the fried ones!  If you want to bake them, here’s a recipe I’d recommend:



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