Fun with Frosting Friday…Bernese Mountain Dogs!

Without a doubt, these cupcakes were the most fun I’ve had with frosting yet.  I had a great time decorating!  I couldn’t find anyone on-line who had done Bernese Mountain Dog cupcakes, so I made up my own design (I did find someone who did a Collie & I used their cupcake as somewhat of a model)!  These cupcakes were made for my father’s birthday- he has two gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs (see picture) who mean the world to him, so I wanted to acknowledge that fact with a fun cupcake design.  He loved them!




Cupcake/cake mix, cupcake cups, chocolate frosting, 4 tubes of Wilton Frosting- black (2), brown & white, mini M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, candy fruits (like the kind you can get for .25 cents in the jars, but you can substitute fruit leather for the tongue).  You’ll also need a #21 Wilton frosting tip.


Mix time: 10 minutes. Bake time: approx 20 minutes. Cool time: 30 minutes.  Decoration time: approx 45 minutes.

Bake the (12) cupcakes per instructions & allow to fully cool- at least 20 minutes.

Lightly frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  This will give a good background for the decoration!

Put the #21 Wilton frosting tip on the tube of brown frosting (do a test of the textured dots before you start).  You’re welcome to buy white frosting and do the coloring yourself and use frosting bags…I just bought the colored decorators frosting in tubes because it was easier/I didn’t have time.  The black in the tube was the richest black you’ll be able to get, though.  I’d suggest you buy 2 of the tubes of black…I almost ran out with just one!

Make a U-shape with the frosting. Try to leave a little room on the bottom for the white.

Clean the white frosting out of the tip (make sure to dry with a paper towel) and attach to the white frosting tube.  Do a layered swirl with the white to make the dog’s snout.

With the white, add the fur on the bottom.

Clean the white frosting out of the tip (make sure to dry with a paper towel) and attach to the black tube of frosting- make two loops for the ears.

I did two versions of dogs with the black frosting- one I carefully spread the black all around the empty spaces and the other I did the textured dots with the #21 frosting tip.

I cleaned out the #21 tip (yet again) and attached it back to the white tube of frosting and added large textured dots for the eyes.  Yes, you unfortunately do need to do the eyes last because they need to be on top of the black frosting to look right.  If I did them again, I’d have added a little white on the top of the head, too, to make them look even more realistic.

Place the mini M&M’s on the white frosting for eyes.

Carefully attach brown Reese’s Pieces on top of the white frosting pile for the dog’s nose

Add either strawberry sugar candies or a piece of red fruit leather for the dog’s tongue.  I have to admit, I started giggling at this point.  How cute is this?!

Looks like her, no?

Fun little family of Bernese Mountain Dog cupcakes!



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4 responses to “Fun with Frosting Friday…Bernese Mountain Dogs!

  1. Debby

    Super cute! My daughter will be all over these as we have a Berner too – Bear!

    • “Darn!” Say my Berners, Pixie, Ida and Herb. They are on a natural raw meat and meaty bones diet so don’t get to taste these. They look like a lot of fun. How about a new challenge for raw feed cupcakes for the Berners to eat, veggies allowed as decoration!

  2. One of the cutest ideas I have ever seen!

  3. Colleen

    Great Job !! I may have to try these for my Berners first B-Day (for the humans of course) and make Jaxon a doggie friendly one 🙂

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