Fun with Frosting Friday…(Messy) ice cream hearts

I feel like almost every other Fun with Frosting Friday post lately has been “what not to do…”  Hmmm!  Well, these ice cream hearts were delicious (and a recipe I made up as I went), but certainly were a struggle half-way through!  Here’s what happened…


Brownie mix (I used No Pudge Fudge Brownies w/yogurt to cut down on the fat), 1 jar fudge, heart cupcake pan & ice cream!

Yield: 6 ice cream brownie hearts (and some leftover brownies).

NOTE: you’ll need at least 16 hours to make these!


  • First mix the brownie batter

  • Fill the heart cups about 1/2 way full and bake in the oven per the brownie box instructions.  If you use the same heart-shaped muffin/cupcake Silicone mold that I did, make sure to put a cookie sheet under the pan in the oven to prevent burning the bottoms & also makes it easier to get in/out of the oven!

  • Once the brownies are done, allow them to cool to room temperature (very important)

  • Since you’ll only be filling the heart-shaped cups up half-way, you’ll have some batter left over…I made some extra brownies!

  • Once the brownies have fully cooled, fill the rest of the heart cups with your favorite (and your sweetheart’s favorite) ice cream!  I used Ben & Jerry’s (of course)!  Put the cups in the freezer overnight or at least 4-6 hours to allow to fully re-freeze.

  • The next morning/day CAREFULLY peel the mold back and pop out the hearts onto a plate

It’s a messy job…

***Mistake #1: I decided to chocolate the hearts with the ice cream on top…I think that the ice cream wasn’t frozen enough & I think the fudge was too warm.  Yea so, mistake #2: I warmed the fudge sauce in the microwave for about 40 seconds…***

***DO NOT WARM THE FUDGE- keep it at room-temperature***

This was the messy, messy result of attempting to put warmish fudge on the ice cream…It might have worked if the fudge had been room-temp and the ice cream had been a little harder.  I’ll figure that out next time I make these, I guess?

  • Anyway, I flipped the hearts over (brownie on top) and salvaged what was left of the poor hearts (there was about half as much ice cream left on the bottom as when I’d started) and I poured fudge on the tops of the brownies.  At that point, I gave up and allowed the fudge to drip down the sides, which actually looked pretty sweet.
  • After the hearts were relatively covered with fudge (I only had so much left after the initial disaster), I put the hearts back in the freezer for about 8 hours.

  • When I got home from work, I took the hearts out of the freezer and transferred them onto a plate with a cute plastic doily.

  • I then had fun decorating the hearts with various candy decorations I found & wrote some messages with frosting to my sweetheart…

Thankfully, after all that work….they were delicious!


My hearts didn’t quite turn out like my model image (below), but that’s also probably because the image is of a chocolate cheesecake heart, not ice cream cakes…Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did!


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