Kitchen dreams…

11/29/1947  by Constantin Alajalov

I love kitchens.  When I close my eyes and picture the kitchen in my “someday” house, I imagine that it is warm, inviting, comfortable, and most importantly- easy to cook in!  Not too small, but just big enough to have everything well-spaced and easy to get to/find.  That being said, I dislike the kitchen in my apartment.  It has thick bathroom-tiled countertops (who does that?!), it’s cold, the dishwasher doesn’t work, the cabinets are old and literally snap shut (loudly), and it has an electric stove.  I hate electric stoves.  Thankfully, it’s just a rental and I don’t plan on staying there forever!

The kitchen I grew up in and learned how to cook in was amazing (it was designed by my father), so I was spoiled from the get-go.  Kitchens are often a place where people gather, so I really like the open kitchen style, which is what the kitchen/family room/dining area space was in the house I grew up in.  The cabinets were a dark honey color, the white marble countertops stretched along two sides of the walls, and the island stretched nearly the entire length of the kitchen, with chairs on one side.  Hmm I’ll have to see if I have a picture of it somewhere I can scan in and add to this post…

Here are some kitchens I’ve come across that I think are pretty nice…

This is a gorgeous timber frame kitchen- it’s open, has nice touches that give a homey feel & I love the wooden chopping block island!


I found this kitchen in CountryLiving & it’s a photo to show Christmas decorations, but the kitchen just looks so warm and inviting- great use of rich color and Early American style.


This kitchen is small, but has such a cozy feel to it.  My one issue is the lack of counter-space… I do not like cluttered countertops and this kitchen looks like that could easily happen w/the lack of storage/short counters.  Perhaps it could use a rolling chopping block?

I like the simplicity of this kitchen & the red is awesome, but I’m not a fan of the kitchen table being in the MIDDLE of the kitchen…I find that disruptive & cluttered.

This kitchen is adorable…aside from the purple chairs- they need to be painted any other color….the blog post I found it in totally agreed with me!


Recognize this kitchen?  It’s from the movie Somethings Gotta Give!  I loooove this kitchen & the layout- especially that the living room is in the same room, yet separated by a counter.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always finishing up things in the kitchen during dinner parties & feel like I sometimes miss out on cocktail/pre-dinner chit-chat, so kitchen like these are great for the host/cook to keep in the convo and still get things ready for dinner!  P.S. I love slate countertops!


Gorgeous rustic kitchen?  Yes please!

Let’s take a moment to recognize this gorgeous stove…It is a Viking stove & one of the most amazing things ever.  My parents have one in their house & it is a dream to cook on!  If I can ever afford to have one of my own I will be one happy little baker!


I had to throw this kitchen in just for fun…not really anything I’d be interested in, but it was called “the futuristic kitchen” on HGTV…Eeek is this what kitchens will look like in the future?  How sterile!


If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, here is a great blog entry from Zillow: 5 Updates for Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank


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