Empty spaces on Church Street in Burlington…

If you live in the Burlington, VT area or have visited Burlington lately, you might have noticed that there are quite a few empty/for lease spaces along Church Street (the main shopping street).  Unfortunately it is a sign of the times, but things do seem to be looking up.  Walking down Church St the other day got me thinking- what would I like to see in one of those empty spaces?

Chain & franchise stores:

Anthropologie– this is a great store for chic outfits, Bohemian decor, fun accessories, unique gifts, and more!  I’ve purchased a few things there over the years, including my comforter cover and matching lamp shade- I love their stuff!   

Ten Thousand Villages – a store that sells unique gifts, art, handmade items, home decor that’s all Fair Trade!

  • NOTE: I’ve been doing some research & it looks like a Ten Thousand Villages store WILL be coming to Burlington, VT!!  I’ll keep you posted on where it will be located…will it be on Church Street?!?!!??!

The Container Store– okay, so there probably isn’t enough room in one of the open spaces for this chain to have a store on Church Street, but I’d love to have one in the area…maybe in Williston?  The organizer in me looooves all their options & suggestions!  Good prices, too!  Ooooooh wouldn’t it be nice…


Other ideas:

  • A wool store? There is a wool & yarn shop on College St, Nido, but they just sell supplies to make sweaters/blankets/mittens/scarves, etc (and classes!), but I think Church Street could use an Irish or Scottish wool store (I love well made wool sweaters)…it certainly is cold enough here that they would do well in the winter!
  • Museum of Useful Things? There is one in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA), so I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not.  It’s an awesome store of gadgets and trinkets- perfect gifts for the quirky or hard to shop for recipient!
  • A children’s bookstore? With the possibility of Borders closing, this will be needed more than ever.  There are children’s clothing stores, but a nice book store with a few gifts would be nice.  A scene from the movie You’ve Got Mail comes to mind- where Meg Ryan’s character hosts weekly readings by “The Storybook Lady” with children all gathered around her, listening to her story.  How cute would that be? 
  • A bead store? The bead store on Shelburne road didn’t do very well because it wasn’t in a great location, but I think one on Church Street might do very well.  I think that young and older people alike would enjoy making their own items or collecting items to make gifts at home.
  • A fromagerie? Who wouldn’t be psyched if an artisan cheese shop opened on Church St?!  Yumm! Think of all the local farmers who would be able to have their cheeses showcased!

What we don’t need more of: coffee shops, banks, sandwich shops, over-priced women’s clothing, over-priced men’s clothing, record/vintage clothing shops or yoga studios!  We’re all set with what we have in these departments!

What would YOU like to see on Church Street??


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