Fun with Frosting Friday…. gingerbread people!

I have a couple cupcakes/cakes planned for this weekend, so hopefully my Fun with Frosting Friday post will be a bit more interesting in the upcoming weeks!  This week I’m showcasing some gingerbread people I made with my niece over Christmas…cheesy, but cute.

The photo was taken with my old camera phone- thankfully I got a new phone (a BlackBerry!), so hopefully my camera photos from now on will be of better quality.  Can you see the Little Miss Redhead gingerbread gal in the mix?

How they were made:

  • Rolled out dough that was in the fridge for about a half hour (do not allow to get to room temp!)….we just used the store bought Pillsbury gingerbread dough…I know, I know, I’ll make it from scratch next time!
  • Roll the dough with a rolling pin on parchment paper (or a lightly floured surface) a little less than a half an inch thick
  • Cut out the shapes with cookie cutters and place on an un-greased pan about 2 inches apart (they will grow)
  • Cook per recipe (about 30 minutes)
  • Allow them to fully cool
  • Decorate!  Have fun with various frosting colors, candy and decorations!




Now for a cake I’d like to make…well, this thing looks pretty intense, but awfully yummy!

Robot Cake

Found on:


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