Fun with Frosting Friday…Yin & Yang

This week’s Fun with Frosting Friday post is a super easy and fun one I’d suggest that anyone can do!  I did these cupcakes for my bosses & if you knew them, it would make sense & was actually rather perfect.  Their birthdays are very close in dates, so I brought the cupcakes in & they loved them!

Yin & Yang Cupcakes!

I apologize for the picture quality, it was taken on my camera phone!


Cake/cupcake mix, white frosting (1 tub), chocolate frosting (1 tub), 12 World candies (I got them at my local grocery store), 1 package Swedish Fish, cupcake wrappers

How I made the cupcakes:

  • Mix & bake your favorite cupcake mix (I used chocolate)
  • Allow the cupcakes to cool
  • With a frosting knife, spread the white frosting on half of the cupcakes
  • I’d suggest you spread the chocolate on second (no real reasoning, but it seems to be easier to cover up mistakes in blending when it goes on second…) over the other half of the cupcakes
  • Place the fish and globes on either side of the cupcakes & you’re done!  That easy!

NOTE:  feel free to place whatever you like in the middle of each side of the Yin & Yang, depending on the recipient!


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