Fun with Frosting Friday….Snowman & Christmas Tree!

Hip hip hooray, it’s Fun with Frosting Friday!

As promised, today I am going to be showcasing a sweet 3-D snowman I made a few years ago!

Ingredients/tools: M&M’s, chocolate chips, 1 carrot, sweet & sour gummies, 2 tubs white frosting, 2 boxes cake mix, mini marshmallows, black food coloring, large platter, small tupperware cup with lid, decorators tips & bag, 3 round pans: 7 inch, 9 inch, 11 inch (as long as 3 different sizes, exact measurements doesn’t matter-can also use 2 of the same size & trim one down)


  • Mix cake batter up & pour GENEROUSLY into 3 pans
  • Bake cakes per instructions
  • Mix about 1/2 a cup of white frosting with a drop or two of black food coloring & scoop about 2 tablespoons into decorator’s bag with a rough-edged tip**
  • After the cakes have fully cooled to room temperature, cut the edges off, rounding them
  • Pile the cakes on top of each other- adding a thin layer of frosting between each
  • Generously lather the white frosting all over the piled cakes
  • Create the snowman’s scarf with the sweet & sour candies, the buttons and eyes with M&M’s, the smile with the chocolate chips, and break off the tip of the carrot for his nose.
  • To create the hat (create first, then place on the snowman!!): place the lid of a small tupperware container down, spread a little black frosting on the edges of the tupperware container and stick it to the lid (lid up, so not actually sealed to create the brim…use the next size up lid if not enough of a brim).  Generously lather the black frosting all over the tupperware & place on the top of the snowman’s head.  OR you can dunk a jumbo marshmallow in black frosting & frost around the bottom, to look like there is a lid around his “top hat”

  • Scatter a few mini marshmallows around the bottom of the platter
  • Squirt the black frosting in the decorator’s bag to make the snowman’s arms**…
    **NOTE:  I would actually suggest you skip this step all together & just use pretzel sticks for his arms instead!!

Annnnd volia- you have a cute SNOWMAN!!
(I apologize for the poor picture quality, it was back when I had a pretty basic digital camera…)




Another holiday cake idea is a Christmas Tree Cake (see photo below).  I made one last year & unfortunately completely forgot to take a photo of it…I know, I know… Mine did come out almost exactly like this one, though, from

It was unbelievably easy to make, too!  Here’s how…

Ingredients: frosting, green food coloring, 9×13 inch rectangular baking pan & candy for the decorations (i.e. Twizzlers Pull & Peel, gumdrops, Gummy Life Savers, mints, nonpareils, etc)


  • Bake the cake per recipe & allow to fully cool
  • Cut the cake in the pan like this: 
  • Remove cake from pan & assemble (as shown above) on a platter
  • Mix frosting with green food coloring & later over the cake
  • Decorate!

Happy Holidays!


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