Christmas Trees…the good, bad and the ugly

I’ve been having fun scanning through photos I’ve come across on the interwebs, in person & in catalogs of Christmas Trees that I thought I’d share…

GOOD: I took this photo of a wine shop display a few weeks ago in Bristol, VT.  It’s creative & fun.  While I wouldn’t really suggest you to have this “christmas tree” in your living room, it’s certainly a creative display if you own a wine shop!!

BAD: Wine bottles= classy.  Mountain Dew cans= trashy.  Creative, yes, but very very tacky… Oh boy, I’m sure someone had a major caffeine rush after drinking all those cans of Mountain Dew…let’s hope it wasn’t just one person!

UGLY: While upside-down Christmas Trees are moderately funny, they are also just plain ridiculous.  Ugh, and don’t even get me started on the punk Santa Claus standing at the bottom….

GOOD: This is my boyfriend’s tree… He chopped the tree down & I helped him decorate it.  It’s simple and cute.  The only downside is that the LED lights are just a tad bit on the blue-ish side when lit…

UNSURE…I guess I can’t really be dissing all these trees too badly when this is my own little “Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree… It was mainly decorated as a joke with Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights for a party & is in dire need of the red stand skirt I have in storage.  Still kinda cute though, no?  If you are somehow interested in the shotgun shell lights you can find them here:

GOOD: Pretty, simple & classic.  Found in Southern Living Magazine’s website.

BAD: I’m all for peace, but this tree is just a bit much.  I was quite frankly rather surprised to have found it in the “Christmas Tree Ideas” section…really Pottery Barn?

UGLY: Here is another example of “what were you thinking Pottery Barn?”…. What really makes me laugh is their description, actually suggesting for someone to do this: “Make a teakettle your tree topper, tuck an English toast rack between boughs….the look is classically beautiful and more than a little fun.”  Um, I would not suggest anyone to take this decorating tip OR use fake snow- yuck!  And can we note that they found one of the most scraggly-looking trees I’ve ever seen!  Trim your trees people!

GOOD: Thankfully Pottery Barn redeemed itself with this Christmas Tree idea.  It’s a good blend of nostalgic ornaments & classic balls, and the Santa hat on the top is a cute touch.  It is key to not over-stuff the tree with ornaments!

UGLY: Out of curiosity, I did a Google search for “ugly christmas tree” and this image came up…Enough said.

P.S. NEVER use Tinsel…you’re really never able to get all of it off & therefore chipper companies cannot use them/recycle the tree…

UGLY: Okay, so this isn’t technically a Christmas Tree, it’s a Christmas decor idea and it’s absolutely horrible….I typically like the decorating ideas in Country Living, but this one is just plain weird!  Hmmm maybe my next post should be the good, bad & the ugly Christmas Decoration Ideas…




P.S. If  you are still stumped on Christmas gifts, here is another site with some GREAT gift ideas…


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  1. Veronica Halbeck

    Love this post!

    angel chairs…really?

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