Fun with Frosting Friday…frosting accents

I’m honestly running out of cakes/cupcakes to post…I have made so many more than I’ve posted already, but I can’t find photos of them because I either forgot to take one or it was pre-digital camera… A few that I still have in my file I’m waiting to post (they are more winter-themed).  Thankfully it’s also the holiday season & that means many holiday parties with my friends/family, so I’ll be baking+frosting more!

Anyway, this week my Fun with Frosting Friday post is a birthday cake that my sister-in-law made (thankfully she’s a fellow redhead, so she still fits into my blog criteria, haha).  The cake is one of my brother’s favorites- angel food cake.

Frosting doesn’t always have to be the main event of a cake/cupcake, sometimes it can be just the accent!

Ingredients/needs: angel food cake pan (non-stick ideal), angel food cake mix, water, frosting, decorator’s bags and tips, a pint of strawberries, frosted sunflower seeds


  • Mix & whip angel food cake (I recommend Duncan Hines) in an ungreased angel food cake pan (has a hole in the middle…)  If you are really ambitious you can mix it from scratch….
  • As the cake is baking, wash & slice (in half) up about a dozen strawberries.  Sprinkle a little sugar on them to sweeten them a little (about 1-2 tablespoons)
  • Prep the frosting for decorating- put about a cup of frosting (colored w/food coloring) in a decorator’s bag and the flower decorator’s tip on.
  • Once the cake has finished baking & cooled (about 20 minutes), pour the strawberries into the hole of the angel food cake and a few around the edges for decoration.
  • Squirt the frosting out of the decorator’s tip around the edge of the cake and around the bottom.
  • For the middles of the flowers, decorate with frosted sunflower seeds.
  • Serve & enjoy!

Tip: even more yummy when you fill the middle of the angel food cake with whipped cream AND strawberries!

Now for cupcakes I’m planning on making this weekend…Cupcake People!!

I’ll be posting this Friday (Dec 10) how they came out!!


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