Holiday gift ideas…under $50

Happy December!  You know what that means…the countdown begins- 25 days until Christmas (or less if you celebrate Hanukkah)!  Yes, it’s that time of year again- when you sadly see your bank account tally get smaller and smaller with every gift you buy for your loved ones to open on Christmas.  You want to see their happy faces with a great buy/find, but you also want to not be forced to eat Ramen Noodles for the rest of the winter, too.  Here are some less pricy gift ideas for those you are still struggling to find something for…

LL (free shipping for all orders!!)

Headlamp $19.95

Boat and Tote Bags $17.95-30.95 Able to be monogrammed!

Personalized Storybook $35

Wicked Good Slippers $49.95 These things last FOREVER!


Antique Cocktail Shaker $29


Antique Bar Flask: $16-25 Monogramming available!


Leather luggage tags $8 & Leather Passport Holder $29


Mini iPod Amp $26 How cute!!


Silver-Plated Picture Frames $29-49


Vintage Wood Platter $39


Antique Silver Cheese Knives (set of 4) $39


Square Vases $12-44

Tabletopics Conversation Starters $24.95

Purse Hook $19.95

This is ingenious!  I am always annoyed when a bar doesn’t have a hook by the stool & stuck having to hold my purse or risk it on the floor- this is a fabulous gift that can be monogrammed!!

Support Vermont:

Vermont Maple Sampler $30


Custom Hardwood Utensil Set and pouch $45


Handwoven Scarf by Boda.Boda $45


Christmas Tree Truffles (11 pc) $34


Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice cream and Dessert Book $8.56

Click “Gifts” on: (Gardener’s Supply Company):

Kitchen Compost Crock $29.95


Colorful Birdhouses $19.95


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