7 layer side…Round 2!

For Thanksgiving with my family, I made the 7 Layer Side again – only this time it was even better!!


I took my own notes from round 1 (garlic in the mashed potatoes, trade peas & carrots for green bean casserole, and move the placement of the corn)… boy did those changes make a difference!  YUM!

Final recommended layering (top to bottom):

Green bean casserole (with French’s Fried Onions of course)


Mashed potatoes (with garlic & a little cheddar cheese)

Candied pecans

Sweet potatoes (whipped with a little maple syrup)

Cope’s Corn

Corn bread stuffing

Recipe for the green bean casserole:  Frenches

Original instructions for the 7 Layer Side (my own creation…NOT from a book!): Thanksgiving 7 Layer Side Dish

Note to those warming the dish…make sure the glass is able to be put in an oven & do NOT put it on the bottom rack of the oven…had an unfortunate mishap with my wonderful glass dish…



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