Fun with Frosting Friday…turkey cakes!

Hello hello & TGIF!  I have a lot to do today, so this Fun with Frosting Friday post is going to have to be a quick one…Don’t worry, I’m planning a really sweet one for next week, which will actually be on TUESDAY, since I probably won’t actually do a post the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) unless I’m feeling extra blog-y that day…

Turkey Cake (and cookies)

I this turkey cake and turkey cookies back in 2007 for a pre-Thanksgiving party at my friend’s apartment.  The party was a lot of fun- the turkey cake was a big hit and the turkey cookies were adorable.

The turkey cookies were made from turkey cookie cutters I had & just added frosting to.

How I made the turkey cake

  • Cooked a cake mix in a large rectangular pan, waited for it to cool (post-baking of course), then cut out the shape of the turkey from rectangle.
  • Mixed practically all the food dye colors with a tub of white frosting to make the tan-ish brown color of the turkey body
  • Decorated the turkey feathers with various colored tube frostings



Now for a cake I’ll highlight…because of Thanksgiving, I’ll show you another version of a turkey cake:

I honestly don’t know whether or not to say “yum” or “yuck” on this one… here are the instructions, in case you are thinking “yesssss!” :


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