Fun with Frosting Friday….Owls!

I seem to be on an owl-kick this week, so I’m just going to roll with it.  This post is dedicated to my very talented niece, who actually was the one to have made these adorable owls I’m featuring today for Fun with Frosting Friday!  Thank goodness I have a creative family!

These cupcakes were made using a recipe from one of my favorite books (which I just happened to have given my niece for her birthday a few years ago): Hello, Cupcake! This book is seriously the best gift you could ever give someone who enjoys baking/creating!

Okay, so now you’re probably wondering how these cute little guys were created?  Here’s how…

Ingredients (for 12):

~Cupcake batter mix

~1 cupcake pan (regular)

~1 mini cupcake pan

~1 package Oreos (regular size)

~1 package mini Oreos

~1 package M&M’s

~1 package mini M&M’s

~2 tubs chocolate frosting (or mix your own, about 3-4 cups)

~Small tube of colored frosting (your choice)


  • Start off by mixing your favorite cupcake batter recipe- pour 1/2 mix into 4 regular cupcake cups (fill about 1/2 way), pour other 1/2 of batter into 8 mini cupcake cups (also fill cups about 1/2 way)
  • Bake according to the cupcake recipe, allow the cupcakes to cool to room temperature.
  • Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost tops with chocolate frosting
  • To decorate the owl’s eyes, gently spin the Oreos in opposite directions to have the frosting stay on one side (helps if the Oreos are not quite room temperature & just a little chilly- leave the Oreos in the fridge for about 30 min first….thankfully you have a whole package of Oreos to get the “spin” right & actually have the cream stay for just 12…keep the unfrosted side!), place the Oreos face-up & stick the M&M’s on the corners (put a little frosting on the back to help it stick) and then dab a little frosting from a tube if you like for the centers of the eyes
  • To decorate the owl’s head feathers, use one of those Oreos that doesn’t have frosting on it (aka after you’ve done the “spin”) and break it in half.  Place the halves, rounded side facing each other, above the owl’s eyes. Frost the top generously with a rounded knife or frosters knife.
  • Place a M&M sideways between or just under the eyes to make the owl’s beak
  • Enjoy!

Now for a cake I’d like to make…A caterpillar!

This bright little guy was created by sliced cupcakes (about 4) with frosting stuck between & decorated with little gummy creatures, Twizzlers and mini M&M’s.



Caterpillar found on:

Hello, Cupcake! book


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