Too cute….owls by Haute Goat

This post is not a “Local Spotlight,” but it’s a fellow Etsy vendor, so I’m at least still supporting a fellow artist.  These owls were featured on & I just had to share them with you- how cute are these little guys?!

The owls are made from 100% recycled cashmere (mainly from old sweaters) & would make great gifts, stocking stuffers or would just look cute perched on your bed or sofa!  The company/artist, Haute Goat, is based out of Seattle, WA and also makes scarves, arm warmers, eye masks, wine bags, bracelets, headbands (all wrapped in recycled cashmere), and more!  The owls don’t look too difficult to make, but they are only $15 each, so is nicer to support an artist & her creativity!

To purchase, visit the Haute Goat shop on Etsy:


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