Fun with Frosting Friday….Fishy Cake!

Today will be an example of a cake that I unfortunately did not actually make, but I “assisted” with.  My sister-in-law is very creative.  She actually did most of the decorating & I sat next to her at the table, giving my opinion (when asked) about where the dots/accents/colors should go & how to blend the frosting.  It came out pretty well & my nephew (who the cake was made for) enjoyed it immensely.

Fishy Cake:

Our “model” an Atlantic Salmon:

How it was made:

-Yellow cake was mixed & poured into an old copper fish mold that was found in my kitchen.  We’re pretty sure that the copper mold is really supposed to be used only for jello molds & the lesson was learned quickly to only pour the cake mix in just over half-way full in a copper pan…the first try resulted in a messy overflow!

-While the cake was cooling, my sister-in-law mixed white frosting (about a cup full) with green food coloring in a bowl and in a separate bowl-about a tablespoon of white frosting with food coloring to make brown (equal mix of  red & green)

-Once the cake was cooled, she lathered white frosting on the underbelly of the fish & the green frosting over the rest of the cake.  With a frosting knife (very flat & rounded edges), she blended the white and green frosting.

-Sprinkle red and orange colored decorators sugar on the back and belly of the fish for color

-Cut fruit leather string to make gills, tail, nose holes & round for mouth.  Tie knots in the fruit leather string to make the eyes.

-Put the brown colored frosting in a small sandwich bag & cut a tiny hole in the tip.  Squeeze out dots of the brown frosting over the body of the fish & between the fruit leather string for the tail.

-Add a few Swedish Fish for decoration around the dish.

-I then went through my nephew’s lures & chose a fun one that I thought would match the colors, though it probably is not technically what would be used to catch an Atlantic Salmon… clearly I don’t know much about fishing!  Still turned out pretty darn cute!


Now for a cake that I’d like to make… The Fall foliage has been gorgeous this year, so I think a cake to celebrate the colors would be wonderful:

Looks like it’s just a round cake & decorated with various colored frostings w/decorators tips!  I bet you could also find some leaf candies, if you want to make this & don’t want to buy decorators tips!


Where I found this cake:


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