Decorating…Little spaces with a big heart

Around this time last year I received a call from my parents:

Mom & Dad: “So…we’ve found something on the side of the road & we were wondering if you want it.  We called your brother and he doesn’t.”

Me: “Um…I dunno…do I?  What is it?”

Mom & Dad: “It’s a cute little camper, it’s has a sign by it that says “free” and looks like it’s in pretty good condition!”

Me: “Yea!  Sure!”

My father went back with his truck, hitched it up and brought it to me- it was love at first sight.  Little camper circa early 1960’s, gas-powered lights & stove (also has a special plug for some electricity).


The outside

The inside


Approx 10 hrs later- power-washed, sanded and 3 coats of paint!

My Mom was sweet enough to help me out withe some cute window boxes of flowers!

Happy in its new home!

Note: I promise I’ll update this post with some inside “after” photos…I thought I had them, but it appears that I do not…oops!

All this camper talk got me thinking about living in smaller spaces…could I do it?  Could I deal with only having what I really needed? (I really could stand to cut down stuff, though…)  Would I feel claustrophobic or cozy? Some smaller spaces require really getting creative!  Check some of these smaller spaces out…pretty cool, huh?

This place is an old garden structure-turned-cabin located in Denmark.  It’s just one room with a wood stove to heat it & an outhouse/shower on the side.   One side of the shed- kitchen, dining area, entrance, stove.

Other side of the cabin- bedroom & closet.

Here’s the link to the virtual tour:

Not one person, but TWO people lived in this shed/cabin!  Apparently it was a good test of the couple’s relationship because they actually ended up getting married- they lived here for 2.5 years!  Could you live with your spouse in this little area?


How about a yurt?

This one hardly looks like you’d be “roughing it,” but it certainly is nice!

How about living mobile?  I found this van at the South End Art Hop a few months ago on display:

Living room & kitchen all in one.Bedroom & closet.


Lastly, this was a post a friend of mine found on Craigslist for a rental available in Brooklyn, NY…can you believe that this was actually for rent…?!  Talk about a small space..well, I guess for NYC this isn’t all that small!  Was advertised as a “unique studio” when it was essentially just a glorified rubber play house in someone’s backyard…wonder who snagged it up, since it isn’t listed on Craigslist any longer!


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